Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sea Mountain Punalu'u Big Island of Hawaii

We just love this resort. We have a 1 bedroom, which is quite large. The bedroom is at ground level and then you go up a few steps to kitchen, living room and lanai. The view from the lanai is the ocean and overlooks the golf course.
The golf course is not quite up to par (LOL) but it has the most magnificent views and every single hole is a Kodak moment. It is never busy and only costs $28 ($22 during the week) with a cart to play!
It is not the resort if you are looking for non-stop excitement and activity. It is 20 minutes from 2 towns which are extremely limited in their offerings. There is the requisite school, post office, police station and (super)market which has the basics. Na’alehu, however, has a gem of a bakery, Punalu’u Bake Shop touted as the southernmost bakery in the USA. There desserts are divine. We have driven in each day to pick up a tasty morsel.

It is totally black at night with only the stars to gaze at. At 6:15am you are awakened by the birds squabbling.

Sea Mountain is at the south east section of the Island so we don’t get any sunsets.
You have to be in Kona on the west coast for those.

But e komo mai – welcome to the Big Island!

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