Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Big Island

The Big Island – weather is quite diverse. It can be china blue sky in Kona with puffy white clouds and you drive towards Volcano and as you start climbing up to 3500 feet above sea level (which you have to do to get to Sea Mountain) the temperature drops sharply by about 10 degrees and it rains, sometimes it’s misty at other times in can be a downpour.
There are often flash flood warnings, currently the island of Kuwai has had major flooding and the TV showed rain fall up to 22 inches on some of the islands.
In Kona you can have a brochure-blue sky and then drive 70 miles to Punalu’u and you are looking at curves of sterling silver reflecting on the ocean. Both are beautiful.
Even when it rains I enjoy the rain spatter on my face (or car) and everything blurs into elusive half-tones: grey-white clouds and grey-blue ocean.

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