Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kona to Punalu'u

We checked out of Sea Valley around 10 and headed to Borders (scored 2 books on my reading list) and then to Safeway to stock up on groceries as there is limited shopping at Sea Mountain.
We decided to meander south to Punalu’u and stopped several times. We had planned to get lunch in Captain Cook’s but it was a little early so we took the Napo’opo’o Rd down to Captain Cook’s monument and remembered that there is nothing really there except a beach and the statue. We made a stop at the Painted Church (been there several times) as it is such a beautiful place. The paintings inside the church were done by a Belgian priest with no artistic training. It was his way of teaching the locals who could not read or write.
Back on the road and we were getting hungry so out came the bags of chips.
We found a local restaurant called the Desert Rose in Ocean View and stopped there for a Hawaiian plate lunch. We both had pork and cabbage, John’s also came with fried rice. It was so good.
Soon we were driving through miles of black lava rock scattered among the green and suddenly you are looking at the ocean.
Checked into the condo and then went to check out the sea turtles. There were 2 resting. Signs say to stay 15 feet away from them, but have to admit we (and others) were much closer to them.
Dinner was a local fish, wahoo with baked potatoes.

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