Sunday, May 9, 2021

Monday Mural

  I'm linking up at Monday Mural

May 2021 - Toronto ON

Found on last week's excursion.

On the side of the Pembroke Inn which also features more of The Dreamers art inside.

A new Birdo in the same lane. To see more Birdo murals, click on the label.tag below this post - Birdo.

I just found out that this mural we found a couple of weeks ago is an Alfalfa piece with a Birdo head piece.

You can see each of their signatures along the top two corners.


  1. I wonder why medical symbols has two snakes.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. I like them all, especially the caduceus.

  3. I thought I recognized the 2 snakes from somewhere...

  4. Interesting ones, especially the one with the dog - so much to see!
    What might be the story behind it all?

  5. I quite like the one with the dog. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.

  6. I love the dreamers and the happy dog.

  7. All the murals are well done and look awesome. The dog mural is my favorite.


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