Saturday, May 29, 2021


2020 - Kensington Market Toronto 

Saturday was our usual. My hibiscus is going crazy, I hope she doesn't wear herself out.

Sunday we had a socially distanced approved visit with our good friends. We sat outside and got caught up on the last year!!!

Monday was a holiday here and John went to hit golf balls in anticipation of golfing this week after a provincial imposed ban on outdoor activities in mid April.

Tuesday John headed out to golf and I (woo hoo) took the shuttle downtown. 
Going through Union Station I noticed another display. This was part of the display I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Here Again, At the Crossroads - Andre Wagner
These images suggest the tug of war between life and what it means to be Black in America. Sometimes this experience is clear and vivid, but often it’s invisible while being in plain sight. My calling and passion is to photograph both. These works are rooted in a universal humanity that all walking and living people can relate to – but as we find ourselves here again, I can’t stop thinking about what tomorrow may bring.

Only grocery stores are open so I went to the Bulk Barn to stock up on some items.
But I find it so annoying that you must discard the scoop (into a bin at each end of the aisle) after you use it, although you are also wearing gloves. This makes the whole process much longer.
The $ store is open but the non-essential items are blocked off.
No Tuesday at the Movies today.

Wednesday and John's golf didn't get rained out although it looked like rain for most of the day so I stayed in. Instead I shortened a shirt sleeves and a pair of pants, as well as mended a small hole in my favourite sweater coat.

Thursday the humidity had blown by and it was a gorgeous day for John and golfing. I headed to Yorkville. I came across this mural outside the Toronto Reference Library.

Work on this new condo is moving right along. The facadism (new word to me) is  the peculiar practice of preserving the front of an older building(s) and erecting a new one behind it.
The historic buildings have been gutted and will be part of the new 1 Yorkville tower behind it. Let's just hope the store fronts attract some interesting stores and not yet another Shoppers Drug Mart or chain.

Yorkville is getting ready in anticipation that outside dining will be allowed shortly. This block of Belair will be closed off to cars.

This mural was being painted.

“My starting point for the mural was thinking about the things that have been going on in the last year, and historically, and about how it can’t be unity unless everyone is respected equally,” she said in a statement. The piece features four different sections and words that read: “STOP – DON’T KILL – LOVE – BLACK.”

It was so quiet out, no stores open other than essentials. I decided to wander in Eataly and even it was quite deserted since the restaurants aren't open. 

Then to the Loblaw's in BMT Manulife Centre, also deserted. Although with Loblaw prices it is no wonder although it is usually packed!

Got an Amazon delivery. Third time lucky for my new phone case. 
CedarFresh Cedar Hang-Ups (4) with Lavender to ward off moths.

Friday was a good rainy day and as we had both been out more this week than in months, we made it our day at the movies.
But first we did some tidying up, plant watering and laundry. 


No cocktails this week as John is on antibiotics for a tooth.


Mai Tai with orgeat which is new to us
Tequila Sunrise
Rob Roy required bitters which we had never bought
New York Sours 
Gin Fizz
Rusty Nail
Vodka Sidecar
Vodka Cosmopolitan
The Perfect Storm
Side Car
Jalapeno Margarita
The Godfather


We are both enjoying Mare of Easttown, however there is an interesting article in State magazine pointing out the lack of any politics whatsoever.

We watched Grand Isle 2019 starring Nicholas Cage. An odd Gothic type movie. The one scene that intrigued me was Fancy lounging in her bathtub singing along with Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit.”
It was only a couple of weeks ago that I first heard this song in the movie The United States vs Billy Holiday.

While cooking and baking on Saturday I watched a movie from Kanopy, the library video streaming service . It was called The Bookshop a 2017 drama film written and directed by Isabel Coixet, based on the 1978 novel of the same name by Penelope Fitzgerald, in which the lead character attempts against opposition to open a bookshop in 1958 in a coastal town in Suffolk. The movie made me realize I had never reading anything other than Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury so I put some on my wish list at the library. 
It also lead me to watch Lolita, the 1997 version, I had not read or seen it either. I enjoyed it although I found it uncomfortable in some spots. Excellent review.

During the week I also watched The Real Nomadland, a PBS special, that a friend had recommended when we talked about the book.

Friday at the movies
The Little Things 2021 ($6.99 Amazon) crime thriller was enjoyable.

Songbird was really a waste of time other than it was about a pandemic Covid 23 in 2022. At least it was free.

I had no concept what The Mauritanian 2021 ($5.99 Amazon) was about. I even thought it might be about space! We really really enjoyed it.


Saturday BBQ ribs (slow cooker) and homemade potato salad. I also tried this death by chocolate cake (no eggs, no butter, no milk). The icing was amazing but the cake never rose and it was so heavy, although it didn't taste badly. It was supposed to be 4 layers, but there was no way mine could be.
AHA in looking the recipe over, I believe I forgot the baking soda! AND my pans were 9 in not 8 as requested.

Sunday PF Chang's ground chicken lettuce wraps

Monday beef fajitas. I had planned to make guacamole but the avocados..
Avocado: not ripe
Avocado: not ripe 
Avocado: not ripe 
Avocado: I'M RIPE NOW
 Avocado: okay you were in the bathroom so I rotted

"on the plus side being home all the time makes it much more likely I catch my avocados in the 13 minutes they’re ripe before rotting."
The above two comments were found on Twitter!

We tried to be good and use up the wraps I had picked up by mistake. Nope, in the garbage.

Tuesday homemade gluten free pizza from the box mix Duinkerken that I had bought for $3.99.

Wednesday homemade burgers - another first for the air fryer and delicious.

Thursday chicken breast in creamy mushroom sauce, broccolini and mashed potatoes (need to use up cut potatoes in fridge). First time chicken breast in air fryer and it lived up to its hype, nice and juicy. 

Friday steak with a twice baked potato. Cut a baked potato in half, scoop out the potato and mash with scallions, butter, sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese. Refill the potato skin and top with more cheese and broil. John loved it.


I finished and totally loved The Divines!

I started The House on the Lake, as I am enjoying Nuala Ellwood's writing.


  1. Sounds like things are opening up in Canada and you are able to get back to normal a little. I have not taken public transportation since a year ago March. Your pizza looks as good as a professionally made pizza. I'm looking over what you are watching to get some inspiration. thanks

  2. Sounds like things are opening up in Canada and you are able to get back to normal a little. I have not taken public transportation since a year ago March. Your pizza looks as good as a professionally made pizza. I'm looking over what you are watching to get some inspiration. thanks

  3. Waffles would be good right about now.

  4. Pretty hibiscus! Don;t you hate that about avocados? It;s not ripe for days on end and then - hurry and eat it! Yum to the pizza, god I love pizza.

  5. Good to see your photos of Eataly and Yorkville. I haven't been back to Eataly since the pandemic started. Thank you for linking with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  6. Your avocado comments made me laugh. It's funny because it's true.

    We are watching Mare of Eastown. We watched all but the last episode last week. Now, we have to wait until Monday to see the finale.

  7. We're watching Mare too. The finale is tonight. Love your hibiscus! Sooooo true about avocados, but I love them and can't stop from buying them. Yes on the Divines! I'm hoping to make pizza a couple of times this week. I have a pizza cookbook to review .... oh poor me. LOL

  8. I want to get a couple of hibiscus plants for here. There are supposed to be some that are native here. I'm looking for those, but I may have missed my planting window.

    Isn't it wonderful to see friends and catch up? I will never take friends for granted again.

    I will look for The Read Nomadland. I thought Nomadland glossed over a lot of the difficult parts of that life. But I'd like to know more.

    Your avocado thoughts reminded me that I have two in the refrigerator. Oh dear! Too late!

  9. lol at the avocado tweets. So true.

    We're watching Mare, too, and are NOT caught up yet for tonight's finale so I need to stay off all social media.

  10. I love twice baked potatoes, John has good taste :)

    Wishing you a great week

  11. I've been eating a lot of avocados lately. I've found that I really like the southwest salad I make with black beans. I top the salad with salsa and avocados. Check out what I read and more at Girl Who Reads

  12. I loved the film Nomadland -- I even watched the documentary on PBS and read the book. It was incredibly fascinating.

  13. As always, I love your photos. I love reading everyone's posts. It makes me want to visit so many new areas. Maybe someday.


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