Saturday, May 15, 2021

Lady with Coffee Cup

May 2021 - Toronto ON

2021 - Toronto ON

The Ontario premier DoFo showing his true stupid colours.

Once again the stay at home order has been extended to June 2. May 24 is a big beginning of summer holiday weekend here, so this will hopefully cut down Covid spikes. But outdoor activities like golf continue to be shut down which make no sense whatsoever. 

Saturday I was full of energy. Got a pot of soup on, prepped dinner, did a load of laundry before it was even noon. John packed up some golf clubs to sell and took them to the post office.
Then I did an initial wash of the balcony floor.
We rearranged the spare room, sorted through some stuff in the closet and threw out a bunch of stuff or put in the charity bag. Hung some pictures we found.
We then settled to our solitary hobbies. I embroidered and John watched golf.

Sunday is for me catching up on blogs, especially the book related ones. I read about the books, "go" to the library and add them to my wish list. Then bloggers remind me of something else and I go down another rabbit hole. It's all lovely.

This week John caught up on a month of Coronation Street and worked on the jigsaw puzzle along with reading.

At 11 I stopped reading to "attend" a Bata Shoe Museum event. I can't believe it's been over a year since I went there.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and join us for an exclusive Mother’s Day tour of the Bata Shoe Museum with Director & Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack! Elizabeth will personally take you through our four galleries, including our newest exhibition The Great Divide: Footwear in the Age of Enlightenment and answer all of your questions.

One part of the tour covered The Gold Standard exhibit from 2019, probably the last time I was there.

The geraniums were put on the balcony. The hibiscus made it through the winter and actually flowered this week! 

Tuesday lanes in Cabbagetown.

Tuesday John did a Costco run.
The exercise bike he ordered arrived and he started assembling it.

 Then we went downtown to upgrade our phones. We took the shuttle bus downtown the first time in a couple of months. 

There was an interesting display in Union Station.
Thank You For Keeping Us On Track pays tribute to the Black Canadian porters who formed the first Black Railway Union in North America (1917). Their contributions helped to stabilize the Canadian economy and lay the framework for future unions by other collectives. This work helps bring to light the under-told stories of Black Canadians contributions, struggles and triumphs in order to share a sense of empowerment amongst the Black community and a greater understanding of Canadian history. Union Station is an important historical site where many of the trains that railway porters once worked passed through. The hats depicted in the sculpture represent those once worn by the porters and as a whole, symbolize their unity and success in changing Canada’s labour force—making it better for all workers.

A Ticket to the Revolution is a poem I wrote to challenge the idea of what freedom for Black people really means and how we became a people of many lands in this world without being able to choose where our home is. As a young Afro-Indigenous woman living in Toronto I struggle with feeling displaced and like I don’t belong. With this piece I decided to write about how one day we can all create the utopia of our dreams and live freely without the rules and restrictions of a modern day capitalist world. This piece is dedicated and targeted to all Black people within the diaspora, young or old, who are contributing to a future that is for us and by us.

Got our new phones and Richard at Telus, transferred all our data. Now we just have to update our apps with passwords (ugh) and learn some of the new features.

I had to change the PIN on a new card at the ABM machine in FCP. I cannot believe this is what the financial district looks like at 2 PM!!!

First photo with new phone!

The food court is anticipating new tenants. 

Then we came home and had a late Tuesday at the Movies.

Wednesday the bike was assembled.
We have been decluttering and discarding things this week in earnest as we rearranged the hobby/workout (aka the spare room) room. At the moment we have 3 three bags full of "stuff" and a box of china/glasses and a big roasting pan.
John drained the deep fryer and we discarded the oil. One of our concierges was happy to take the deep fryer (I scrubbed it clean!) and the grill. The loading dock was happy to take some flammable stuff to discard for us.

We also hung the selfies I had printed for John's birthday.

Thursday we had another of his 6 month scotch deliveries to pick up.

After which we went to Burger's Priest for a burger eaten in the car. We had planned and started out on a drive but traffic was heavy and John had to be downtown for an appointment so we came back home.

I repotted one of the larger house plants on the balcony, hopefully he will be happier now.

We headed out on Friday downtown along Queen St. West with Graffiti Alley as our destination. This is an open air, everchanging art gallery, however it is starting to shrink with condo construction going up in every nook and cranny. For more Graffiti Alley over the years click on the label/tag at the bottom of this post.

Uber 5000 and his famous yellow birds along with Bruno Smoky.

A piece of Sweetman and Elicser (charcoal). They recently collaborated on a huge impressive piece in Parkdale.

Emily May Rose
Not in Graffiti Alley but across Spadina.

Queen St. West is so quiet.

At the corner of Queen and Bathurst I found this amazing corner store with great plants and HAD to buy these three coleus.

Back home John worked out and I repotted the herbs I had bought a few weeks ago into a larger container and also moved a couple of plants up to bigger pots.


We went with a Godfather cocktail this week.
The origin of the Godfather cocktail is about as murky as a mob boss’s tax records. The cocktail became popular in the 1970s around the same time that the movie The Godfather premiered. The Italian amaretto liqueur brand Disaronno even claimed that the Godfather cocktail was a favorite of actor Marlon Brando, who portrayed the infamous Vito Corleone in the film.

1 ounce Scotch whisky
1 ounce amaretto
Orange twist, for garnish (optional)


Mai Tai with orgeat which is new to us
Tequila Sunrise
Rob Roy required bitters which we had never bought
New York Sours 
Gin Fizz
Rusty Nail
Vodka Sidecar
Vodka Cosmopolitan
The Perfect Storm
Side Car
Jalapeno Margarita

Saturday I did a roast pork, roast potatoes, mashed turnips and carrots and Brussel sprouts.

Sunday I planned on using up the roast pork but as I went into the kitchen I totally lost my cooking mojo so we ordered Swiss Chalet chicken. I couldn't tell you the last time we ordered dinner in.

Monday and my mojo and/or lack of inspiration wasn't quite back yet so I made meat sauce and we had penne. 

Tuesday we had late afternoon popcorn so we did cheeses and crackers for dinner.

Wednesday garlic butter shrimp and salad. I also made some cheese biscuits.

Thursday I cut up chicken thighs and sauteed with garlic and onions, then added some Siam peanut coconut sauce. Served with salad and leftover biscuits, warmed up and were delicious.

Friday steak and frites.


I started House of Cards this week, John is a couple of seasons ahead of me. So far I am enjoying it.
We're also working our way through YouTube Hustle.

Keeping up in real time with MasterChef Australia Season 13 on DailyMotion. Couldn't believe that Therese, the Dessert Queen, would need to use her immunity pin.
She..........................didn't play the pin....STUPID STUPID STUPID.

I can't say I was sorry to see her go, too cocky and smirky. She was banking on someone else messing up worse than she did, and it didn't "pan" out!

Here she was in a previous episode impressing Reynold, of all people!!

Tuesday at the movies.

We enjoyed Honest Thief 2020 with Liam Neeson (can't go wrong). It is a low budget average thriller but at 68 Neeson is getting a little long in the tooth to play a love interest to a 40 something woman. Mindless entertainment.

Things got heavier and more interesting with Operation Finale 2018 , historical drama set in the 60s about the arrest of Adolf Eichmann played by Ben Kingsley (another can't go wrong).
Click here for the "true" story behind the movie from the Smithsonian Museum.

We followed this with Unhinged 2020 starring Russell Crowe. Holy crap this defines the expression "like watching a train wreck"! 
We start with a montage of misery accompanying the opening titles  down-and-dirty picture. We see images of traffic jams, car crashes, rioting and random violence matched with talk radio reports of job losses, general despair and—this is crucial because it lays the groundwork for the mayhem to follow—woefully underfunded and understaffed police forces. 
This is ROAD RAGE to the ultimate.
A fun creepy horror watch.

We finished with a feel good comedy drama 2017 The Upside, we needed some laughs by now.


On my laptop The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Marie Kondo. I watched her series a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. I am generally a very tidy person and we declutter quite often. 

On my phone I finished When No One is Watching and I must say I would love to see this as a movie! 

Pretty Little Wife was on my phone and I had just gotten started. When we upgraded our phones it wouldn't open so I deleted it and it disappeared from my loans!! I'll borrow it again.

I finished Invisible Girl and it has turned out to be much more interesting and exciting than I expected. So I started on another Lisa Jewell The Family Upstairs.


  1. Thanks Jackie for sharing all the great photos as usual. I need a new phone too but have been putting it off until these snowbirds return to Pennsylvania where my grandkids ( ages 13 and 10) can help guide me through the learning curve with a new phone.. Probably the 5 year old could help too..

  2. All your murals are wonderful this week. We walked past the Ann Arbor graffiti alley but didn’t explore it this weekend.

    Best... mae at

  3. I liked The Upside but anythign with Bryan Cranston works for me. Love that mural, at first I thought it was a jigsaw puzzle! Pretty plants, I'd like to get more when we return home and start a garden out front.

  4. I've seen the PATH network empty like that, but on a Saturday.

  5. love that street art and the lovely blossoms!

  6. I used to take photos of street-art years ago when I lived in Brighton, where I live now is far too rural for anything other than the odd tag so its nice to see the art is still alive. I started with the whole Marie Kondo method, and it was great for clothes but couldn't bring myself to majorly de-clutter my book collection.
    Charlotte Burt's Books

  7. Love how the hobby/workout room looks. I have everything in the house for the Godfather ... will have to give it a try. We traveled for the first time in a year last week! Went to visit my brother & his girlfriend -- so we were able to drive there in a day and stay with them and drive back in a day. All of us are double vaccinated. It was soooo weird to be in a different place and to visit with people indoors and without masks!! I'll get back to cooking this coming week,.

  8. The CDC here announced this week that, based on three recent studies, vaccinated people do not need to wear masks outdoors or indoors. Wow. Big change here. I will probably continue to wear a mask indoors for a bit, but I am feeling much more relaxed.

    My Sundays are exactly the same. I love to see what bloggers are doing, and I end up down many rabbit holes.

    Love the Lady with a Coffee Cup mural.

    I need to get a new phone, but I have one of the big Apple 6 phones, and I can't find another that is that big. It makes it so easy to see the screen.

    I will be trying your jalapeno margarita recipe...just haven't been able to get the ingredients yet. Our county doesn't sell hard liquor.

  9. What a full week, left me breathless, but enjoyed the read and the pictures. Michele

  10. What phones did you buy? S21?
    Godfather sounds like an interesting cocktail.
    We loved the tv series Hustle.

  11. Love the selfie of you and hubby in Grafitti Alley!
    I would have though Canada would be doing better by now in the pandemic. I’m sure the extended lockdown won’t be popular.

    Wishing you a great reading week


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