Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's Coffee Time

April 2019 - Toronto ON

Dundas St. W Toronto

I am loving our new Espresso machine, I have John make me a flat white almost every afternoon! It sure beats paying Starbucks their outrageous price while I wait for the bus.


Six Word Saturday Nuremberg Germany

Another rainy foggy day.  We both had the same idea go for a burger at Burger's Priest and then run an errand and get home before the mad Easter rush.
After all John has been home almost two months and was missing his weekly Mary's burger from Mazatlan!!!

Their fries are so good too.

Came home and went on a rampage accomplishing silly little chores that have been hanging around since we got home. We finally hung our souvenirs from November's Spanish trip.

Fan from Barcelona and a plate from Montserrat were hung. The picture over the fan was moved from the kitchen.

The Buddhas are moving from the bedroom as it transform into a Mexican theme.

Some plants got repotted and everyone got a good soaking in the sink.
Filters were changed and some things were decluttered.
I baked this paleo carrot banana loaf with almond flour.
Deep fryer was emptied and cleaned out.

Inspired Sunday Cordoba Spain
One Word Sunday Memory

Awoke to a blank white canvas out our window on a foggy Easter morning.

I made two cheesecakes for Easter dinner at my cousin's.

Foto Tunes NYC
Monday Mural Barcelona
Wordless Oklahoma

I returned an item at College Park, dropped off my library book and got a new debit card. Mine was starting to act up and I don't want to be stuck somewhere.

Waiting to cross York.

In Winners.

I walked to City Hall on the west side of Bay and found this sculpture hidden away.

The sculptor is Ken Lum.
This was a commission for a commercial realty development. The site is directly behind City Hall and involves a long corridor (passageway) from Bay Street to City Hall. Two bronze sculptures are placed on either end of this corridor signaling historical immigrants to this area in the form of two children from different eras. Pinned lettering in oxidized bronze reads “Across time and space, two children of Toronto meet…” are attached to the wall that spans between the two sculptures.

These maps are great for tourists walking around.

Frida!! Socks.


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge Bridges Toronto 
Tuesday Treasures Florence Italy
Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge Bridges

We got the 9:35 bus and then hopped on the subway to St. Patrick and walked over to the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario. We had members' preview tickets for

You can't take any coats or bags into the room. They allow four people at a time for a timed one minute and that is about enough time.

It features mirrored spheres suspended from the ceiling and arranged on the floor. A mirrored column inside the room invites visitors to peer into a seemingly infinite field of silver orbs.

We then took in some of the other exhibits.

More art, out the window, across the street in a gallery.

Title: Rising to the Occasion
Date: 1987
Medium: Mixed media

"Rebecca Belmore draws attention to the effects of colonization on First Nations women in Rising to the Occasion with a red dress that is an artifact from Twelve Angry Crinolines, and a silent parade (conceived by Lynn Sharman) staged in Thunder Bay in 1987. The parade was a response to Prince Andrew and Lady Sarah Ferguson's visit to Canada, and the fact that, during this visit, they toured a pioneer fort and rode in a birch-bark canoe. Belmore deftly uses mixed media to combine clichés from British and First Nations culture."

If you click on Belmore in the tags below this post you can see more of her work.

 We then went to find a mural I had read about and instead found a smorgasbord of murals painted by women, part of the WomxnPaint project.

Then a coffee in the Carafted Bean, whose sign I have at the top of this post.

Interesting architecture on this corner. AGO on right, OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design University), CN Tower in distance and a new OCAD pavilion on the left. BTW The Village Idiot Pub in the the other corner!

We strolled to our lunch reservation.

Took John into one of the courthouse buildings to show him these pieces.

It was too cold to enjoy the Lost and Found exhibit outside of Campbell House but click here to see it on a sunny day.

We ate at Libretto and John had his gluten free pizza but I didn't feel like pizza so I ordered a sampling of cured meats, cheeses, small tastes and accompaniments. And it was served with this! A paneto is basically a souffle of pizza dough and it was so good. I took the rest home and it heated up great as well.

ABC Wednesday

We had a lunch planned at Canoe, my favourite place but the person we were going with had the flu. Instead we just took care of some errands.

When I went to pick up some stuff for dinner there was a pop up store in Union Station for M and Ms, the idea being you could go in and vote for some new flavours based on international foods. Set up like an airport!

We had our first pork belly dinner of the year along with roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.


Met a friend and we went to the Bata Shoe Museum. They change their exhibits quite often. We looked into this exhibit.

On October 24, 1929, the United States stock market crashed ushering in a decade of darkness and turmoil. As global economies tumbled, want proliferated—want of employment, want of security, want of escape. The desires born from want drove an explosion of cultural creativity from film to fashion. Some sought to satiate the needs of the public, others sought to distract them from the troubling times, yet others hoped that by stoking desire and encouraging consumption the economy could be redeemed.

Some of the most innovative shoe designs in the history of Western fashion were created during this decade of want. Shoe designers Salvatore Ferragamo, Andre Pérugia, Steven Arpad and Roger Vivier played with the architecture of footwear creating uplifting platforms and wedges as well as futuristic novelty heels and revealing peep toes that reflected escapist Hollywood glamour as well as new conceptions of fashionable femininity.

We decided to go to a newish pub, The Fortunate Fox, in a boutique hotel, The Saint George. There is a mural by BirdO in the west wall. The pub is in the slate coloured street level section.

A really nice pub.

My tuna tatare.

Pull Up a Seat Toronto
Weekend Roundup Letter Q
Weekend Reflections Toronto
Skywatch Friday Toronto

I went for a haircut, pick up some items and had sushi for lunch.

Toronto socks.

Toronto gin!

Click here to see our plans for the next month!

And after a totally grey day we had this sunset!


Not much time for reading lately. I did read The Girl on the Bridge, an average read but then I've been having trouble finding something to get my attention.

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  1. Wow, so many beautiful sculptures, murals, buildings...
    And those silver orbs are fantastic too.

  2. What an incredibly artistic post. I love your wall hanging display and enjoyed seeing the mirrored spheres. I could go for that gluten free pizza right now..

  3. LOVE your arrangements of art from your travels. Such beautiful reminders of fun trips. Your blog posts always make me smile.
    My post features a “crab cruise” in LaConner, Washington State, USA.

  4. Love the hat! I could use one of those :) :) And the shiny baubles are nice. Paris! In Spring! Envious :) Thanks, Jackie!

  5. That sunset photo!!! I love the idea of a shoe museum and the Kusama exhibit looks amazing! I really like your travel/art wall.

  6. You had a fantastic week. The fries look amazing and that art installation -like wow!

  7. There's so much here that I don't even know where to start commenting. Love your souvenirs and the mirrored exhibit is quite something. But I enjoyed the entire post. :-)


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