Saturday, March 20, 2021


 One Word Sunday

Cherry blossom time in Toronto is always special but last year High Park had to be closed off to visitors and I imagine it will be same this year.

High Park is not the only spot to see cherry blossoms in Toronto. There are other spots like Trinity Bellwoods Park.


  1. So-so-so beautiful! We´re still far from that, so thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful tree - thanks for sharing it..

  3. I checked them out in Trinity Bellwoods Park last year ... even with them being fenced off, they were still nice to see.

  4. Beautiful! I can imagine that allowing access will be a problem.

    Last year here, the tulips were viewable during the festival, even at the height of lockdown. People were smart enough not to linger in one area and to make a point of social distancing. The festival programming was called off however, and will probably be the same this year.

  5. Although I'm also showing blossoms today, they're from another place and time. Here in Arizona, we've had lovely citrus blossoms and they smell delicious. Such a beautiful sign of spring!


  6. gorgeous. I am keeping an eye on neighborhood cherry trees - can't wait for them to blossom.


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