Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday Mural

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November 2020 - Toronto ON

I showed a little of these murals in a weekly recap.

At first I was just going to post all the photos, but then realized there were some extra special murals here and I would highlight those first.

The hoarding surrounds a construction project being built on the site of the decommissioned OPG coal-fired power plant, Lakeview Village will transform former industrial lands into a vibrant waterfront community, connecting Mississauga to this portion of Lake Ontario for the first time in decades.

This section of the construction hoarding spans 323ft (w) x 8ft (h) and each artist selected will be allocated a 25ft(w) x 8ft(h) canvas. Artists were asked to develop a mural that shares the message they believe the world needs to hear right now. Murals were produced on wood hoarding. Artists were asked to consider materials that will withstand weather conditions and graffiti for an 8-10 month period.

John was pondering how muralists make their money. On the Call for Submission The budget is $3,000+ HST (CAD) for a 25ft (w) x 8ft mural (h), and is inclusive of artist fees, project meetings, concept development, materials and documentation rights. Technical, equipment and data support for live-streaming will be provided.

Nigel Westgate created Waterfront highlighting some of the animals we find along Lake Ontario.

Lynn Taylor is a member of the Oneida Nation of The Thames reserve in Ontario (Turtle Clan). She created this work to honor the previous Indigenous Nations of the area in a land acknowledgement. This art shows how we’re all united: all living creatures, land, and water. It’s dedicated to the Anishinabek, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Metis, Ojibway-Chippewa and our Mississaugas of the Credit.

Mihyun Maria Kim painted the four sisters, which is the nickname for the four smokestacks of the Lakeview Generating Station. She looked into the history of the area to discover that many women worked in the Small Arms Inspection Building nearby to support the men who went overseas to fight in WWII. 

Note to self - stop by the Small Arms building!!

Monica Wickeler created Breathe

Rowell Soller created this work that combines abstraction and realism as a form of healing and rejuvenation.

My absolute favourite of this collection!
Khaula Mazhar created as a message of hope to the community. Although we’re living in isolation, we need to work together to overcome what’s going on in the world right now. She purposefully chose a Black woman to represent Mother Nature in an effort to increase the visibility of Black people in a positive light.

FaithFetish’s mural, Consume Less, Create More is a good reminder!

Joanne Feely DeGraaf Pollinator Playground

The Age of Illumination by Jacquie Comrie

Caitlin Taguibao Time To Let the Flowers Bloom

Embrace Your Daydreams by Elizabeth Wise

Keitha Keeshig-Tobias Biizindam who comes from Delaware Nation at Moraviantown, Anishnaabe from Neyaashiinigamiing Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation.

The four Indigenous sisters and four sunflowers represent four Anishinaabe Kwe Water Principles that function to protect the water, the natural environment, and removing dirty energy plants.

Hello Kirsten is promising us that it will be worth the wait to keep safe in these times.

A Dish With One Spoon is a poem by Dr. Duke Redbird, an elder, poet, activist, artist, educator, and a pillar of First Nations literature in Canada. This poem describes Indigenous life on the waterfront in the GTA. It describes how their languages were influenced by Mother Nature and adopted as the names of places around Toronto.

Aitak Sorahitalab uses Iranian and Mesopotamian cultural materials in her work to highlight social and political issues. Etude uses Iranian spiral carpet designs, Eslimi, to reflect cultural diversity.


  1. ...lots of color and whimsy, the sunflowers are a treat.

  2. I especially liked Pollinator Playground and Hope. All are nice, though and represent the area well, Jackie.

  3. All great murals Jackie, but my favourite is also the Black Mother Nature. Love the bees, birds and butterflies!
    And it's not a bad pay I think.
    Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals.


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