Tuesday, November 17, 2020

T for Tuesday

 T Stands For is hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard

Toronto ON

I have featured Jimmy's Coffee shops on several locations for various memes but thought it would be a good addition to T for Tuesday.

I just checked and there are now eight locations in the city so I am lagging behind in my explorations.

Last week I shared JIMMY'S AT GERRARD, including the back story to the name Jimmy's.


Jimmy’s Coffee on Ossington Ave. opened in November 2015. This was the fourth shop in our growing coffee empire. Ossington, known for its boutique shops, intimate bars and independent cafes, is the perfect place for a lazy weekend stroll. Jimmy’s Ossington has lots of seating, ceiling murals and a communal table in the back for independent laptop work. Of course, you could also try snagging one of the cozy chairs and warm up by the fireplace during Toronto’s colder months. EDIT we are currently not allowed to dine in anywhere. But to dream...

This was our first Jimmy find and didn't realize the significance of the mural, until we got home and looked at it properly. I don't have any inside photos so that will be a future outing if and when...

I'll let you figure out the Jimmy's on their outside mural.


  1. ...T his is a T errific one.

  2. Gorgeous mural painting!! Happy T day!

  3. I love this phrase: "growing coffee empire". This is such a creative plan :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Wow that is a very interesting and beautifully painted mural. Happy T day.

  5. Good morning, very cool mural Happy T wishes Kathy

  6. Love the mural! Sounds like a great place to visit.
    Happy Tea Day,

  7. Sorry Jackie, life changes when you are not able to do a weekly thing you love so much. Heard on another blog that cases are back on the rise in Toronto.Sigh, my prayer is that cases will get back down! Now Iim curious about the guy on the mural...! Stay happy and healthy, Jesh

  8. What a fun post for your second trip to Jimmy's. I think I know what's on the inside, but I am not sure. This was a great way to celebrate T this Tuesday. Lots and lots of Jimmies in that mural at least. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a fantastic mural, the detail is amazing 😁. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  10. I love the mural too! What a great idea. I recognise jimmy Carter and James dean on his motorbike. The astronaut was easy as his name is on his suit. But the bearded chap rings no bells and I am not familiar with the names of the Muppets. I thought the green thing was Kermit, but that's not a james...., as for the gitarist, that must be Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin).
    Happy T-Day,

  11. That is a cool mural. Sounds like once the pandemic goes away you will have a lot of coffee shops to visit.

  12. This is a beautiful mural. Sounds like a great place to enjoy your coffee.

  13. Great mural, and yes, one has to dream these days...

  14. What a fantastic mural, well done!

  15. It's sad that we can't go for coffees any more! Hopefully now that there are vaccines coming through it won't be too long before things get back to fairly normal!
    This mural is fabulous for sure! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx


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