Friday, August 28, 2020

Weekend Roundup

 Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler

My last rounds were coffee and beer. So it's time for some food and sleep!

1. Starts with "I"
2. A Favorite
3. INTRICATE chosen by Tom

Starts with "I"
INDIAN Lake INN Bear Creek PA


IBIS chain of hotels is a favourite of ours in Europe. This one is in Birmingham.


Everything is INTRICATE about this painting, frame and wallpaper in the Duke of Edward Hotel in Stratford ON.

Déjà Brew
A catchall for leftover beer, coffee  and whatever catches my fancy!

Full IRISH breakfast at the Aghadoe Hotel in IRELAND


  1. Jackie, I love your post with those Irish breakfasts. There is one thing, if I remember correctly, on the plate that I don't eat. Also we have stayed at the IBIS ones, several times in Paris. But mostly we stay in Paris at Rick Steves recomended ones near the Eiffel. A couple on Rue Cler are our favorites.

  2. ...New York has an INDIAN Lake in the Adirondack too.
    ...I know IBIS as a bird.
    ...and the frame is INTRICATE too. that's a breakfast.
    Thanks Jackie for joining the party, take care.

  3. Well JAckie i am sure you enjoyed the "fry" you got in Ireland. That picture is very intricate. With being away a lot at my old caravan with no internet, I must have got my scheduling of posts wrong and have missed out last week and i am just home and was amazed to see the letter this week was "I"!! Well I better get on tack next week again. By the way I was in that film "The Secret" Hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.

  4. How I would love to be served a Full Irish at a cafe at the moment.

  5. I'd kill for a full Irish at the mo. The sausages we get here just don't do it, but the black and white pudding is made here with the Irish recipe, so grateful for small mercies!


    1. Wouldn't it be great to share it with Andrew!!!!
      You are right, the sausages here just aren't the same.
      Lucky you for the black and white pudding. I can get decent black pudding here, but the white just isn't the same.

  6. I've never stayed at an Ibis; it is reasonably priced?

    1. Yes, the Ibis are reasonable based on European hotel prices!


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