Monday, August 24, 2020

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Calgary Alberta Gasoline Alley

Sheryl Crow told about this song GASOLINE: "You know, part of what amazes me is that we're in a war based on, basically, oil ownership. We're very tied to oil, we're tied to coal. In the '60s and '70s when the Vietnam War was going on, every single day you saw people out on the streets rebelling, revolting. You don't see that now. You hear about people trying to change the way they live and not become oil-dependent, but the bottom line is that the government has made it so that we are dependent on oil. The kids are going over there and fighting for this idea of democracy, when really it's all about oil, about oil ownership. So the song was really inspired by that, acknowledging that things are not as they appear. And what if we do wake up and become enraged, and we did take it to the streets? It's kind of a sci-fi story looking back on a future when people actually demanded that our oil dependency come to an end."


  1. Hello I came via Tom -fototune to look at your website but I didn't see the Dutch language in the translator list on the right, but I was able to read it in a different way. And the old advertising signs made of enamel are always very nice to look at and certainly this is something for a collector as well. Unfortunately there are some signs that look like them but are fake. and yes the oil company knew how to influence us all and therefore they are very powerful. Fortunately here in the Netherlands we are already on our way to an economy that is less dependent on fossil fuels. An additional advantage of more energy from wind, sun and geothermal energy is that it makes us less dependent on the vagaries of the oil market. Nice song by Sherry Crow


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