Saturday, August 8, 2020

Self Isolation Week 22

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August 2020 - Toronto ON


Ontario health officials reported 95 cases of COVID-19 and one new death on Thursday, marking the longest stretch with fewer than 100 new cases per day since the end of March.


Toronto hospital ER chief warns worst of coronavirus pandemic has yet to pass.

And then you have the covidiots who just don't get it and ruin it for everyone.

Chatham-Kent Public Health says a cluster of 12 new COVID-19 cases in the region are linked to a boating trip involving multiple households.
This trip was outside of Chatham-Kent and was several days long.
CK Public Health officials say they are isolating these cases and tracing their contacts, of which there is a very large number.
“While we are in Stage 3, members of the community need to be reminded that we are still in a pandemic, and the potential for rapid spread of COVID-19 is very real,” says Dr. David Colby, medical officer of health.
“Social circles are a maximum of 10 people for good reason; with everyone else we must physically distance.”


Canada has announced that it will retaliate dollar for dollar – to the tune of C$3.6bn – after the US announced a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum.

Donald Trump announced the new aluminum tariffs on Thursday at a campaign stop at a Whirlpool appliance plant in Ohio, accusing Canada of taking advantage of its trade relationship with the US.

At a news conference on Friday, Canada’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, called the move “unwarranted and unacceptable” and said Canada would not escalate a trade war – but that it would not back down either.

Freeland described the tariff – which would apply to unalloyed, unwrought aluminum – as an act of self-sabotage on the part of US, since it will increase the manufacturing cost and sale prices of consumer items including beer cans, appliances and cars.


Deb Nance at Sunday Salon shared a link to Window Swap.

Sunday was supposed to be a rainy day and it started that way.

John took down more of the shutters/frames. I puttered repotting plants and getting rid of the tomato plant and cut back some others.

Out kitchen project was approved so I got the paperwork together for the elevator reservation.

Monday was a holiday and we continued with removing the shutters. There is so much more room in the bedroom!

The final measurements for the blinds will be done this week.

Time to call 1-800- Got Junk to take this stuff away. I also decided to get rid of the plant stand on the balcony. It is getting rusted and has served us well moving from our house in 2012.

Appointment booked August 17.

We also repotted five house plants and refreshed out herb planter.

Took this hens and chicks in from outside and repotted to give it more room, it will look better in a while.

I  changed the elastic on two face masks for John as they were too tight.

Tuesday John took another bunch of things to the thrift shop, two backpacks (I tried selling online and got zero interest), mugs, dishes, bread maker and a bag of clothes.

Wednesday and I went for a manicure and pedicure, the first since the end of February!!!

Walking to the salon. A glorious summer morning.

Waiting for the bus downtown.

I then went to Yorkville where there was a FLEURS DE VILLES FLOWER display.

I'm loving the creativity of these floor markers.

My header photo was outside the Manulife Centre.

These were in the Manulife Centre. 

Yorkville went to the dogs.
In the Hudson Bay Centre.
Yorkville Lane
Yorkville Village
There's new rules everywhere.

The boxes in Yorkville are getting a makeover. This looks like it might be done by Sweetman.
I should have asked, the artist was working on the back of it.

Even the escalators!
I found these in the Manulife Centre. They were bad, at least for me, it is better than corn tortillas!

Thursday and we had tickets for the AGO. The touring superstars of 100 years ago were magicians.

The Art Gallery of Ontario celebrates the Golden Age of Magic with Illusions: The Art of Magic, a dazzling exhibit of posters and paraphernalia related to prestidigitation. The show is a terrific combo of magic, mystery, history and art.

As members we have unlimited visits. However under the distancing rules you must have a timed entry ticket (free for members). You scan the ticket on entrance and exit as a control on the number of visitors. You must wear a mask and answer some health questions as you enter. 

There no hands on exhibits. The special exhibit gift shop has been moved to the general main shop which has been reduced in size with crowd control limits.

It's all good, I love the crowd control.

We also visited the Diane Arbus photography display, no photography allowed.
The striking black and white photographs of legendary American photographer Diane Arbus (1923–1971) revolutionized portraiture, through their range of subjects and their style. Primarily made in and around New York City, Arbus selected her subjects – including couples, children, nudists, suburban families, circus performers, and celebrities, among others – for their singularity. In 2016, thanks to the generosity of a small group of donors, the AGO acquired the world’s second largest collection of Arbus photographs. The AGO honours that landmark acquisition of 522 works with a major solo exhibition, the first in Canada in almost three decades. Highlighting her evolution as an artist over fifteen years, Diane Arbus: Photographs, 1956–1971 features 150 photographs and is curated by Sophie Hackett, the AGO’s Curator, Photography.

Diane Arbus, Three female impersonators, N.Y.C., 1962. Gelatin silver print, sheet: 35.6 x 27.9 cm. Art Gallery of Ontario. Anonymous gift, 2016. Copyright © Estate of Diane Arbus.

Directions everywhere.

Walking down McCaul passing OCAD.
John's stunning photo looking north, it looks like this quaint grey building is underneath OCAD.
Ontario College of Art & Design University commonly known as OCAD University  is a public university of art and design. The main campus is adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario within the Grange Park neighbourhood. The school is Canada's largest and oldest educational institution for art and design.

Aboveground Art Supplies just might be the largest art supply store in Toronto. Located steps from OCAD , the store is stocked full of paint, brushes, canvases, paper and other art supplies over two floors in a building that dates back to 1887.

The blue on the left is the AGO.
This Uber 5000 mural is painted around the bottom of the grey building, Aboveground.
You can see some of the columns of OCAD.
We had planned to eat at the Black Bull an historic tavern on Queen St. We signed in and got a table, perused the menu and decided it was a boring, uninteresting selection and left.

Painted by Nick Sweetman.

This little repair shop is hidden around the corner from bustling Spadina St. in the middle of Chinatown.
We decided to walk to Kensington Market.
Unusual sights in Kensington Market are the norm.
Elicser has added more to his murals in this shop. One Plant, a brand new cannabis store in Kensington Market is located in the old Zimmerman's Fairland grocery store.
Burgernator has put some tables outside. They have a great burger and have gluten free buns.
You can see the Black Lives Matter painted on the road. The orange poles are temporary markers for cafes to establish their patios. These are popping up everywhere to facilitate outdoor dining.

Friday John headed to golf.

The installer arrived to do the final measurements for the blinds. It took an hour as we discussed where the rollers would go. I upgraded to black out material for all rooms.

John's new masks arrived.
Our building won the Condo of the Year award!!!!

Palace Pier now joins only eleven other condominiums in Toronto who have been honoured with this prestigious award.

There are many condominiums that vie for this award every year, but we beat out all the other contestants on the basis of our COVID response, the strong sense of community, wide range of social events, solid financial position, and proactive communications with residents.


Food Court Yorkville Village Toronto

Saturday I made a sticky chicken recipe using a combination of recipes.

Served with coconut rice and sauteed broccolini. 

I used my food processor to grind some pork belly to make a local restaurant's meatballs. It worked well, I do have a meat grinder but the food processor is sitting right on the counter.

I wanted to make a Facebook recipe from a local Italian restaurant, Libretto's, for their meatballs and sauce.
The recipe calls for bomba, which I looked for, mistakenly in the spice section last week. It turns out it would be in the jar section. I ad-libbed with what I had and made a version that worked.

I saw Jamie Oliver do this recipe from my 30 Minute Meals and tried it. It was delicious.

Giant Croutons

Slice a loaf of ciabatta into 2cm-thick slices. Season with salt and pepper, a drizzle of oil, 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, 3-4 bruised cloves of garlic, and a few sprigs of rosemary. Rub the seasoning well onto the ciabatta slices. Arrange the seasoned ciabatta slices, in a single layer, in a roasting tin. Bake in 200°C oven until crisp.

Monday - Roast pork chops (gigantic from Costco) mashed sweet and white potatoes and cabbage.

Tuesday leftover spaghetti and meatballs.

Wednesday haddock fish tacos using a local chef's recipe  for his lobster and shrimp tacos. I had planned on using lobster and shrimp but couldn't find any frozen lobster tails. The tequila/butter sauce was delicious.

Thursday we had burgers out for lunch so I did shrimp and salad for dinner using the same sauce as above only I added ginger to it.

Friday I baked a lemon cream cheese cake 

Steak and vegetables roasted in the oven and then topped with feta cheese with the giant croutons again.

August 2020 - Yorkville Toronto

I finally have a book that I can get my teeth into and it is only a 7 day loan.
Sarah Blake's The Guest Book is a multi-generational drama set against a backdrop of war and social upheaval.


  1. I love all your floral photos and I love the word "covidiots"! did you coin it or have I just missed it?

    1. No, sadly, I didn't coin the word, it's been around for a few months now.

  2. Why oh why don't people get that the disease is real??? I'm so sorry I didn't move to Canada in the summer before the election when I was contemplating it. I'm actively involved in a get out the (Democrats) vote campaign (from the safety of home) -- it's just too scary to sit back and see what happens in November.

    I love seeing all those flowers and scenes from your ventures out. We too have taken things to the thrift store as we continue to declutter. Enjoy all the house projects!

    Those meatballs look awesome as do the croutons. I need to see if I can get that Oliver book from the library so I can try before I buy.

    Hang in there! I hope to around online a little more in the weeks ahead.

    1. Bill Maher was very scary last night as he discussed what could happen in November.

  3. Here in Michigan we look to Toronto as some exotic Shagri-la! You reinforce that dream. I wonder if they have resumed the secret small boats that used to take bootleggers from Windsor to secret sites along the Detroit River. But now the cargo would be bored Americans heading for Canada.

    be well... mae at

    1. So funny you think of us as exotic!! There are Americans coming into Canada, mainly out west, telling the Canadian customs they are heading to Alaska, but actually going to tourist spots like Banff.

  4. The only time I get homesick for Toronto is when I read and see your blog, Jackie. So evocative and so memory laden for me. I vicariously live through Grandgirl when I send her to the exhibits you mention.

    The flowers are glorious. Every day I am so grateful to live in Canada. We can take nothing for granted as we watch the Big Fail of the Republic south of us. All that death and destruction and poverty.


    1. So glad I can give you some good memories. I also love that you pass on the info to your granddaughter.
      I agree, so glad I live here and I feel so badly for my American friends who wonder where their country is going.

  5. Oh, I love it when you get all political. As well as the poor and oppressed, I feel bad for the many decent people in the US.
    If the boaters breached regulations, they should be harshly dealt with.
    A great lot of photos as always.
    I'd love to see the Arbus exhibition.
    Pretty good about your building award. It takes passionate owners to make such a building a good place to live and if like here, it can also be a very time consuming and thankless task.

    1. The Arbus was fascinating.
      Yes, our Board of Directors work very hard and it is a thankless job. I've been to some general meetings and the behavior of some owners towards the board is horrible.

  6. There plenty of Covid dumb bunnies here in the state of Idaho...

  7. Your flower photos really brightened my day. Love the meals too. I just finished two books I thught were very well written, if you can grab The Silence by Susan Allott or When we Beived in Mermaids by Barbara O'Neal they are very good. I put The Silence on my book blog but havn't written up the the other book yet.

    I am concerned about our election here. Not all of us are fans of Dolt-45 and I honestly can't believe his followers can be so naive. It's like a cult!

    1. Dolt-45 love it!!
      Made a note of both books, thanks. I actually was just able to borrow The Silence from the library!
      Believed Mermaids was not available.

  8. I am completely wowed by your header photo. Those flowers in the photo and the others you saw are wonderful. We need some flower trucks in the streets of our town.

    My husband went golfing for the first time in months last week. He came home the first try; the course closes early and limits the numbers of people out there. So, honestly, that is good. He was able to play the next night.

    Your foods look delicious, as always.

    And I can just feel your happiness from here at getting out more.

    Have a great week!


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