Saturday, August 29, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 25

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Sunday Salon

August 2020 - Toronto ON

Yorkville Toronto ON August 2020

John got to work painting the window frames.

You can see the shutters and framing on the balcony, 1-800-GOT JUNK will pick them up this week.

And Sunday traffic, the Lake Shore is closed to cars every weekend you would think they would have figured it out by now. 

Oh what the heck, let's just turn around and head down the on ramp the wrong way.

Just to re-iterate, that is an ON ramp, not an exit.

I forgot to mention last week that I bought a new paring knife because my old faithful had cracked. I had bought a couple of cheap replacements that just didn't work for me. I was in The Bay, the first time since March, and was speaking to the clerk about a replacement. In the end he also sold me a bagel/tomato knife which is quickly becoming by go to. John is still getting over the shock that two knives would cost $80.

The clerk also suggested I send a note to Henkels with a photo of my cracked knife as they are guaranteed for life, which I did. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We dropped off a couple of laptops and the kitchen TV to Best Buy as they recycle electronics.

1-800 GOT JUNK came and picked up the island to make room for counter installation.

The futon and pant presser went.

Balcony is clear again. Tape will be removed when painting is finished.

Prep for counter install.

Painting finished , it is white, contrary to what it looks like in photo.

John suggested putting the desk by the window and it is perfect.

The view from the desk.

Wednesday I went to St. Lawrence Market, the first time since March. I so missed it! It was quiet, no tour buses.

The city is painting the roads for outside patios.

Sad to see another landmark restaurant/pub closing down.

Thursday and a project is completed! 

Friday! Where did the week go???

I headed to Yorkville.

So much destruction/construction going on. I worked around here in the 90s and walked these streets, shopping, getting lunch, going to the library, haircuts and I barely recognize anything.

There is a mural painting project taking place this weekend. 

Sorry Cafe, lovethe raccoon drawing in the window.

Over the Rainbow in Manulife Centre.

Monday Mural featured a mural from my Bloor St. trip a couple of weeks ago.
Tuesday Treasures covered some murals of Honest Ed's from the same outing.


Indigo Books Toronto ON August 2020

Saturday I made a Shepherd's pie with mashed white and sweet potatoes along with carrots.

Sunday I used a recipe from my 15 Minute Jamie Oliver. Duck was on my 2020 cooking bucket list ✔✔✔ crispy duck lettuce wraps. I served it with rice rather than noodles. A definite hit to be added to my recipe box.

Monday was curry chicken with leftovers for lunch.

Tuesday leftover Shepherd's pie and salad.

Wednesday and I knocked another off my 2020 cooking bucket list, mussels ✔✔✔ in a vodka tomato broth. John didn't love his mussels which is unusual, he thought they were stringy.

Thursday was a lazy dinner, roast chicken thighs, potatoes and carrots.


I finished Autumn (Seasonal #1) by Ali Smith which I was excited to read. But it left me confused, it just wasn't coherent, but I will try the rest of the series.

I finished The Gilded Cage and let's just say revenge is sweet!

I started another Camilla Lackberg The Scent of Almonds.

The New Bohemians was a great book to browse through. Normally I physically borrow cookbooks or decor books from the library as they do not read well on a tablet or phone. But this time I downloaded it to my laptop and it was very easy to read and I could use the snipping tool to "cut out" articles.


  1. You have a wonderful apartment, if very high up, huhhh.
    Yes, here it´s the same, so many places - my Brother soon included (I hope not) have to close down. It´s sad and awful. And yes, when I come to my hometown I recognize not much anymore! Well, that´s life, is it.
    I have a mussel right here :-) Big Niece gave it to me as "pressie" and it´s on the all now.

    1. Thanks, Iris. So many local places closing up, it is sad.

  2. Looks like cilento in salad, am I right? One thing about covid so called projects are being taken care of.

  3. Fine job on the kitchen and painting. And I love the new desk placement. I hear ya on Yorkville. A lot of it unrecognizable. I worked there on contract in the late 90s, early 00s. And hung out there in the late 60s.


    1. Thanks, WWW! Honestly, I go to Yorkville and I get so confused as to where I am. I am surprised that Cumberland Terrace is still standing, although practically empty. That dated food court is still there as well.

  4. Jackie,
    You have a wonderful apartment with incredible views and I LOVE your artistic throw pillows!

    1. Thanks, Judee. I am a little obsessed with Frida Kahlo!

  5. Sad about the brewery closure. What will the new world be like.
    Impressive bench and cupboard and is that a chilled water and or an ice machine?
    I like mussels and the vodka tomato sauce sounds interesting.

    1. Andrew, it is a water cooler, dispenses hot and cold.
      The vodka sauce was good, probably could have used more spice.

  6. I do love all those booklover things! Have a great week!

  7. It looks like you had a busy week. My tiny town is getting a makeover on Main Street. They ripped out the sidewalks this week. I can't wait for it to be finished. It has been pretty rundown since I moved here 17 years ago.

  8. What a great view you have from your place. I like the desk near the window. I love to look out when I'm at my computer. I love the new counter. We redid our kitchen last year and it feels like a whole new space.

    I've loved Ali Smith in the past (The Accidental) but I haven't tried her seasons series yet.

    My town has changed so much over the years. I first moved here when I was six, so I know my town well, but the daily changes still surprise me.

    Have a good week, Jackie!

  9. Are they your photos on the wall in your kitchen Jackie?

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. Yes, they are our photos. The large one I made into a poster before having it printed.

  10. I could sit at one of your windows with a book and look out at the view for hours! I love Recipe For A Perfect Wife. Your food looks so yummy!

    1. Yes, Vicki, I love to sit and read there. I think I'll borrow Recipe/Wife from the library.

  11. Wow!!! Love your home changes. What a nice thing to have some fresh views, new paint, and reworked spaces. Love that book poster! Ali Smith . . . I find I have to be in the mood for her. And Lackberg is really good. I made curry last night (a vegetarian version) and I still haven't gotten that Oliver book. I'll order it right now before I forget!

  12. BTW: hang on to your 15-minute book .... it's not readily available!

  13. You have a lovely view from your condo! Although I would be very happy to be there looking down on the traffic instead of sitting in that insanity! I relate to all your bookish comic panels. Enjoy your week!

  14. Your remodeling looks wonderful. I love the views from your windows, and also the city photos you posted this week. The difference between peaceful, well-regulated Canada and our miserable excuse for a country is overwhelming.

    be well... mae at


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