Tuesday, August 25, 2020

All about Modern Homes and Apartments

  Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Toronto ON condos 

As an aside, the building on the left with the greenery, units go from $1.5 million to $12.8 million!!!!


  1. The building in the second photo looks a bit interesting, but in spite of living in one, I generally don't like the appearance of high rise buildings. The building in the third photo has full surround balconies. Impressive.

  2. Plenty of greenery on the balconies and another building that looks like it is made from building blocks. Interesting.

  3. A lot of money to live in an apartment!

  4. Interesting is all I can say. I worked in such buildings for so long that they lost their enchantment for me. The forested balconies, however, are fascinating :)


  5. Oh what fun buildings you captured. I love the yellow "sticks" in your last photo. :D

  6. Toronto is the new VFX capital of the world. So many science fiction shows film there. I didn't realize the cost of living was so high -- higher even than San Francisco!

    I, too, like the yellow sticks in the last photo.


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