Monday, March 2, 2020

Signs 2

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November 2018 - Barcelona Spain

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Some European bathrooms have shared hand-washing facilities for women and men, with adjacent but separate toilet areas. And some restrooms make no distinctions for gender at all.


  1. LOL That could be very confusing for some heheh!

    Have a genderfreetastic week 🚻 🚾 :-)

  2. Yes, you find that in Australia, too.
    Wasn´t always the case, though. Once I had to go to a men´s loo cause the women´s was broken. That poor man who came out of the front door nearly got a heart attack and thought he was in the wrong place "sorry, sorry", he went. LOL).
    My goodness, we´re all people, right!

  3. Luckily I've never encountered mixed gender bathrooms, but in the Philippines I noticed urinals in the ladies toilets and my daughter explained it was for the transgender men who were transitioning to women.

  4. Might be confusing, I agree! Not sure if that's a good idea.

    Happy #ww!


  5. The logo looks like this must be a dance floor, a place to boogie, not a toilet.

  6. Why the straight and leaning people in the logo? Looks like it is not just gender-neutral but orientation-neutral too.

  7. Haha I would definitely be confused and then just wait till I got home!


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