Saturday, March 14, 2020


March 2020 - Toronto ON

Well, this started as a rather mundane weekly update. But in light of recent events that has changed!
John and I decided on Thursday that we wouldn't go anywhere for the next two weeks.
John did a Costco run, nothing drastic, canned tomatoes, salmon, carrots. We wanted dish soap and hand soap refills but they were all out! I ordered online.
EVERYTHING is closed in Toronto as of Friday.
All social activities in our building are cancelled as of Friday.
Schools closed for an additional two weeks after next week's spring break.
I received emails from all the museums saying they are closed until further notice. Libraries are closed.
Sports network...

Our prime minister's wife tested positive for the virus. And the world is watching how he is handling the virus.
Here's ABC coverage.

The U.S. president finally realized there is a world-wide problem and declared an emergency! Article in The Atlantic on Trump.

People are stock piling toilet paper????WHY???? What do they think people did before toilet paper????

John and I are so happy that we decided to cancel our winter sojourn to Portugal. We had planned on leaving February 22 until the end of March. However, at the beginning of February we just decided that in light of what was happening we would stay home. We cancelled all our bookings and could only get a credit for one flight, but that's fine.

I finished watching Masterchef Ireland 2012 and 2013.

Now I'm watching Masterchef UK 2020.

The weather is getting warmer. I would rather be housebound now than in the middle of the summer!

We had to drive to Waterloo (75 km away) for a funeral this week. My cousin's mother in law passed away.

We both went to a sushi cooking class downtown. We had another, Mexican, booked for early April but that has been cancelled.

The sushi class was informative and entertaining. John was better than me at his roll making!

Containers - wasabi peas, ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Water, gloves provided. Sushi mats were ours to take home.

Surprisingly easy to roll. Carrots, cucumber, avocado, imitation crab and rice were provided.


Atlantic salmon (Costco) kale salad mix with my latest addition mustard sauce.
$47 and we divided it up into six meals for us.

Pork belly and kale salad mix - we I have a bad habit of not using something two days in a row and then end up throwing out the salad mix. 

Spanish chicken thighs with sausage. We bought these sausages at the market and are not crazy about them, but this is a good way to use them up.

Meat sauce and spaghetti.

Sushi cooking class - we made enough that was lunch the next day.

We finished off the chicken and spaghetti leftovers.

Steak sandwiches with mushrooms. onions and peppers.

Also made beef soup from the leftover prime rib and a bag of vegetable ends.

Apple berry crisp blueberries and cranberries (in freezer)

Saw a recipe on The Kitchen that kinda threw me. Jalapeno popper hot dogs.
What do you think?

This was last week's menu since I didn't post.
We've been making an effort to use what we have in the house and didn't do any grocery shopping this week. Well, John did go to Costco on Friday...

Chicken wings and fries

Pork belly

Curry chicken


Salmon cakes, mashed potatoes and carrots - I hadn't made salmon cakes since high school. I had learned to make them in Home Ec class and would make them on Fridays. I didn't think John would be crazy about them, but he really liked them.

Brie bacon pasta

Steak frites

On another show I saw a chef suggesting that you carmelize onions in the oven.


I started another 7 day loaner - I'll Never Tell, a Canadian set thriller about the reading of a family will. Boring, didn't finish.

Also a 7 day loan, I am reading Someone We Know, entertaining!

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. I kind of liked Someone We Know. I remember your saying you had canceled your winter travels. Sounds like a sane move. We didn't go crazy with groceries either. We're semi-isolating ourselves for the next couple of weeks, though we're still going outside.

  2. Oh man, I know you love to travel so that is awful you couldn’t go to Portugal. That’s a trip Doug and I would love to take one day. I was I. Lisbon and Sinatra aaaay back in the 1970’s. It’s crazy here too with all the closings. Schools and libraries, parks....

  3. What a fun class to learn to make sushi..
    Things are in shut down here too in Florida..
    Most of the Toronto snow birds are leaving this week= about 3 weeks earlier than usual. Many decided to drive instead of shipping their cars back and flying. I'm stocked up. I am beginning to understand why we need to social distance. I just went down to our pool and met my friend's daughter in law who just flew in from Switzerland before US closed the borders. She is Swiss but figured that it would be fun to ride this out in Florida at her in laws place. So, we now have someone who is not self quarantining after flying and is exposing us!!

  4. There some time humor is best way to handle things

  5. We're cancelling our travel plans too. It's disappointing but sensible.

  6. Stay safe. I hope you can read great books this week. My post

  7. Your toilet paper photos make me laugh. I need a bit of laughter right now.

    I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip. I bet you are glad you are not off in another country right now, though.

  8. All of the museums up here are closed up for at least a couple of weeks. The libraries too.

  9. Good move canceling your European travels, things are changing so fast.

  10. Yeah, I have seen how sushi is made by a Korean friend, but never did "the roll" myself. People are so crazy - will enough toilet paper protect them from the virus?? Here it's the same story. Two of my adult children have kids - everyone is home, doing school online! My son canceled a trip yesterday to Glasgow and 2 other places, because everything there to visit is closed.By the way, one image is enough for "a post" (for All Seasons)! Having said that, initially I planned a post to imitate how you do your psst, having a drink somewhere, then going to a museum of some kind, but thinking it over, I thought people need to know I asked your permission first, before it gets published. Am going to email you this week (my screen name is Saskia van Buren" on my yahoo email, not "Jesh").

  11. I think it’s sensible to stay home when you can right now.
    My cheats version of caramelised to soften onion rings in a saucepan with a generous knob of butter til softened. Then add a tablespoon or two of BBQ sauce, and sauté until well browned.

    Wishing you a great reading week, and good health.

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