Friday, March 6, 2020

Weekend Roundup

Tom hosts the Weekend Roundup.

1. Starts with "J"
2. A Favorite
3. JOLLY- chosen by Tom

I have been looking forward to the letter J!  There is a local chain of coffee shops in Toronto called "Jimmy's".
The decor in each unique location features famous Jimmys.

Starts with "J"
McCaul location

Kensington Market location

JOLLY = happy and cheerful

The first location we found is on Ossington and has this incredible mural featuring Jim Hanson.

Déjà Brew

Dundas and Bay location

Jimmy Mount Rushmore

Hendrix, Page, Buffett and Morrison.


  1. Great murals, they sure bring joy and jolly grins!

  2. Your "letter" photos are always fun.

  3. Wow, more Jim's and them Jimmy too. My grandfather and two uncles called me Jimmy, partly be ause, I think, they called my dad Jim even though his given name was Charles Vernon, Grandpa was Charley. I really like a lot your mural featuring Dr. Jim Hansen. I did not know of him, I left NASA in 1980 and he became "Father of Global Warming/now Climate Change" in 1988. He has to be much discouraged over the puny efforts his country has made in the last 30 years.
    A super nice post, I learned tonight. Thank you, Jackie.

  4., who knew that you could find so many Js with a coffee theme. So JIMMY is giving Tim a run for the money! I love the Kensington Market mural. The Ossington mural has JIMMY Carter too. The Dundas and Bay mural has JIMI Hendrix, JIM Morrison and I'm not sure who the center two are. I can see why you were looking forward to J, what a great JOB. Thanks JACKIE!

    1. Tom, I updated the post with the names of the Jims!

      Jimmy Mount Rushmore
      Hendrix, Page, Buffett and Morrison.

  5. Gorgeous murals - a lovely set of Js!

  6. Thos mruals are fabulous. Very talented artists around there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Love the Jimmy's at Kensington Market, the coolness of the art on the wall is a great reason to enjoy a cup of Joe there- actually any of the locations are so cool1 The Jim Henson mural is wonderful, especially with Kermit and Gonzo featured!


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