Friday, March 20, 2020

Weekend Roundup

Tom hosts the Weekend Roundup.

1. Starts with "L"
2. A Favorite
3. LOVELYchosen by Tom

Starts with "L" LIBRARY

Toronto ON Dundas and McCaul, by the AGO

Based on Tom's question, I had to see if it had any relation to a library.

Jeffrey Ji’s DIY design mimics an Australian cafe to the letter, down to the tiling outside the door that’s a near exact replica of tiling that reads “Standing Room Only” at Melbourne’s famous cafe Patricia. He would know, seeing as he used to be a Melbourne resident himself.

However, one of the oldest Starbucks in Toronto was home to an important landmark, the Britnell Bookstore and the building remains in the family. 
Britnell closed in 1999 after serving the city for 106 years.
Alas, it closed up earlier this month and will no doubt become a condo.

Notable Store Elements
Floor is made from 200 year old wharf planking that was unearthed, and re-engineered in Toronto (found during the excavation when the Air Canada Center was being built).
Books lining the walls were donated from local organizations in exchange for some of the older furniture previously used for this store.
Community table is actually a salvaged piece of cabinetry and marble that was the original cash-wrap for the bookstore.


Toronto ON Spadina and King


What's more LOVELY than Granny's Kitchen in Cashel Ireland.

Déjà Brew



  1.'s spring and LOVE is in the air along with all the other junk that we hear about. I assume that the LIBRARY coffee spot is in an old LIBRARY building? Granny's Kitchen indeed LOOKS LOVELY! Thanks Jackie, take care and be safe.

  2. I would have Loved to have visited it. We've been around Cashel a few times but did not go there (I've kissed the Blarney Stone twice, did you kiss it--Mrs. Jim would not). I like your sign finds, both of them.

    1. John has kissed the Blarney Stone, but there was no way I was doing that!

  3. Granny's Kitchen is lovely indeed!

  4. Seems like love and coffee go together. Stay safe and have a great week ahead,

  5. The Library seems to be perfect place to imbibe a cup of joe,.It's A Shame the Britnell Bookstore is gone - the crate is quite a find and its narrowness seems so charming, so 19th century in feel. Granny's Kitchen evokes my grandmother's kitchens (both of them), homey, inviting and tasty food too! I love Love, the artistry so nice, I guess the coffee will offer its own artistry...


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