Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday Mural

Museum of National Independence contains life-size statues of the Father Miguel Hidalgo, and murals that depict the tragic, violent conquest of Mexico by the Spanish.


  1. Looks like the influence of Diego Rivera! Interesting mural.

    best... mae at

  2. My comment flew away before I could finish, so here it is again. This is crazy, now I read the comment above. I said the same, reminding me on Diego Rivera, may be the intensity, and the political times that I see here! Don't see your "normal" weekly post for March 8-13, so maybe it's still in the works? I missed your thumbnail last week, so am checking if you are doing okay? Hope so! Still very cold? (Norm from Thurs. Door was commenting on it a few days ago). Stay inside, you probably have enough in your archives for several posts:):) Have a lovely week!

  3. A lot to see in the mural, and it certainly shows the violent side of wars.
    Thanks for participating Jackie.

  4. I’m late visiting because the storms that raged through my area for the past two days knocked out my internet. What fabulous murals of this tragedy. I really like how the space was used to the artist's advantage. These are simply stunning.


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