Saturday, February 8, 2020


February 2020 - Toronto ON

The weekend, including Monday passed in a blur.

Tuesday I headed out to meet a friend in Union Station.

To commemorate Black History Month, the combination photography and illustration art exhibit 143 (I Love You) Sponsored by TD launches inside Toronto’s Union Station\ Curated by Wan Lucas, 143 (I Love You) is a group exhibit taking place in the West Wing of the Station that features original works by eight notable Toronto-based Black artists, including seven photographers (Yannick Anton, Ishmil Waterman, Nathalia Amillionminds Allen, Soteeoh, Wade Hudson, Brianna Roye, Gillian Mapp) and one illustrator (Alexis Eke) who explore the various manifestations of love, from the familial to the romantic.

In 1999, 45 million Americans had pagers. They were an equal-opportunity technology, owned by drug dealers, whores, doctors and CEOs—and new college students whose parents couldn't drop the leash. At least there was the code.

Some codes were standard: 411 for information, 911 for emergency, 143 to symbolized the number of letters in each word of the phrase "I love you."

We did some shopping and then had lunch.

Wednesday was a very cold day but I went downtown and took the streetcar over to 401 Richmond. I've written about this building several times, this time for Thursday Doors. You can also click on 401 Richmond in the tags below to see other exhibits.

The lobby.

The building has a number of galleries open to the public.

Click here to see more of David Blackwood's works.

David Lloyd Blackwood, CM, O.Ont is a Canadian artist. Blackwood is known chiefly for his intaglio prints, often depicting dramatic historical scenes of Newfoundland outport life and industry, such as shipwrecks, seal hunting, iceberg encounters, and resettlement.

Gallery 44 Famous Men

On Spadina, and I wonder if there is a chance that What a Bagel would have John's favourite gluten free bagels, YES, picked up three bags.

The holidays just run together at the $ store, they even had the Easter displays out.

We got some snow overnight and John and I headed to Harbourfront.

I just looked and realized I had never shown this mural. It was a work in progress but it is now finished.

A new mural on the side of the Delta Hotel.

John took this from an angle we don't usually see. The Rogers Centre is just behind the CN Tower, the Ripley Aquarium is at its foot and the Metro Convention Centre is on the right.

Harbourfront always has interesting visual arts exhibits.

Future Retrospectives is a group exhibition featuring the work of eleven local and international artists and designers, unified by a shared methodology: using the past as a lens through which we imagine the future. It asks, “What will the future look like, and how did we get there?”

Seamless by Graysha Audren
Textile designer, Graysha Audren is a recent weave graduate of Central Saint Martins with a focus on sustainable innovation. She believes good designers are problem solvers at heart with the power to invoke change, disrupt systems, and design out inefficiencies. The textile industry interweaves global politics, economics, trade, society, and business. The industry is a web of complicated supply chains where sustainability needs design-led systemic transparency. To change the entire system and to affect real change, Graysha focuses holistically on questioning inefficient and unsustainable systems, starting at the beginning: the making of the cloth.

Mia Cinelli, The Power of Typography.

It is Black History Month in the city and Harbourfront had some interesting displays.

Follow the journey of D’Wayne Edwards’ successful career with a tribute installation made up of signature footwear designs and memorabilia. Edwards’ details and artistry for leading athletic companies such as Nike and Jordan are showcased alongside historical artifacts, celebrating the work of a legend whose vision has originated over 50 design patents and sold over $1.5 billion in revenues globally.

This is the exhibit we were looking forward to.

The Prism Effect explores colour, race and social value while dissecting how we receive information and formulate social habits based on culture, upbringing and our environments.

With eight new artworks comprised of over 50,000 Lego® pieces, Building Black: AMORPHIA is the latest body of work from Ghanaian-Canadian visual artist Ekow Nimako.

The works thread together elements of West African mask making traditions, fauna and organic forms to create an amorphous and fantastical tapestry. The interlacing of natural elements, and the geometric forms typically associated with the iconic medium, evoke an aesthetic that is at times haunting, futuristic and simultaneously traditional.

Along Queen's Quay, heading to a cafe that is supposed to have a selection of gluten free baked goods, nope, only had nanaimo bars.

Bleak and grey along Lake Ontario.

Most boats are covered up for the winter. However, there is a family of three that live on their sailboat all year long.

I wanted to check out the Loop but it was closed.

Loop is a cross between a music box, a zoetrope (a 19th-century optical toy) and a railway handcar. The retro-futuristic machine, more than two metres in diameter, creates animated fairy tale loops.

It activates when a group of people work a hand lever, revealing a lit-up image cylinder that creates the illusion of motion in the drawings.

The wind was biting our cheeks so we took the indoor route. The hockey team, taken from the bridge over Maple Square.

We enjoyed a Starbucks as we waited for our bus.

Friday John headed to the golf show with a friend and I did some groceries for the weekend.

We're in a severe cold alert from our building to ensure the heat was on.
The city's medical officer of health has issued an extreme cold weather alert ahead of a massive temperature drop overnight. ... The temperature is expected to warm up slightly on Saturday afternoon. Environment Canada says Toronto will see a high of -8 C and it will feel closer to -11 in the afternoon.


Asian pork and green beans topped with bean sprouts. John declared it the best ever, I did add 5 Chinese spice as I fried the meat.

Fruit salad topped with
Mexican dip
 chicken wings and fries with veggies

Roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, green beans

Curry lamb

Fish Spanish chicken thighs with mashed potatoes.

Chicken Kiev we had chicken last night. Hamburgers on homemade gluten free buns.

Steak, baked potatoes and broccoli.


Finished  Kingdom of the Blind. It was not one of her better Gamache books. The story seemed dragged out and the characters did not have their usual energy, but then I found out that it was the first book she wrote after her husband died, so perhaps that accounted for it. Still I do love our visits to Three Pines!

Started Our House. I really shouldn't read the reviews before I start, as someone said it was 400 pages and dragged out. I am totally enjoying the story of deceits with so many twists!

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. Sounds like another good week for you guys. It looks very cold over there! We have a bit of rubbish weather due tomorrow. I will be building the fires up and staying in my pjs! x

  2. As always I love all the artwork you share, from exhibits to street art to murals. Such a treat. Bummer that the Gamache book was disappointing. Still, I guess you'll have that in a long series. I need to look into Our House, I don't think that's on my (gigantic) list.

  3. Love all of the art in this post!

  4. Lots of great art in your city!

  5. Is it called Know your Rights? The exhibition looks excellent. Haha, pagers. Along with fax machines I skipped right past them.

  6. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn't it, Jackie? Some of it I love, some I hate... but I guess that's part of the point. Thanks for linking again :) :)

  7. I must thank you. You always take me on the coolest trips around Toronto. I love to see all the thoughtful art in your town.

    I'm sorry your book disappointed. It does seem to make sense why it might not be the best of her work considering what was going on in her life.

    Have a great week!

  8. Wow, this post is a feast for art lovers, Jackie - thank you so much sharing this with All Seasons! So intriguing and interesting. Love your reflection in What I right. The most intriguing to me was the hat and sunglasses series! Brilliant. The murals of the Delta are a great background. Have a beautiful week!

  9. I particularly like your views of the Tower.


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