Saturday, February 22, 2020


One Word Sunday

As I looked through my notes I realized that the station has been under renovations since 2010, when they started updating the subway station!!!

Union Station, one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings, and the busiest transit hub in North America, is being restored and revitalized to better serve the 300,000+ visitors that pass through the station every day.

When the revitalization is complete, Union Station will have doubled the pedestrian capacity, restored important heritage elements, and transformed into a major destination for shopping, dining and community gathering.

Restoration began in 2014!
One of my favourite new installations are the glass covers that have been installed over the station’s pedestrian moats, which run along the Front and York Street sides of the building. The covers consist of steel beams and glass, which create a giant skylight around the perimeter of the station.

The covered moats create a completely enclosed space providing enhanced pedestrian circulation through the station, protection from inclement weather, and an improved experience for pedestrians entering and exiting the station or transferring to the TTC subway.

Photos taken 2014!

Photos taken 2018

We are beginning to see some light at the end of this 5 year old tunnel.

Click on the links below to see more of the renovations.
Bay Concourse February 2020
Giant TVs Food Court February 2020
York Concourse June 2015
Summer Food Market July 2015
Transitions November 2016


  1. A little humour by the authority is welcome. I hope the market stalls can remain along the frontage.

  2. I love this renovation, I knew it was in the works but seeing the photos I get to appreciate it more. I walked this area so much and used the trains when I lived in Brampton for a while. And one time crashed a movie set outside and had to sign off for use of my image. We had a great laugh about that. Beautiful building. I am glad it was rescued as a demolition had been planned by one of the clown councils at one point.


  3. I wonder how many Union Stations there are in the world! We have one in Chicago, too. At least some people have a sense of humor as well as a sense of how long it's taking. Quite an endeavor! Looks as though it will be worth it at the end.



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