Saturday, December 14, 2019

Set Menu

December 2019 - Toronto ON

King St. West Toronto

Saturday was a gorgeous day for our drive to Montreal for the weekend. 

It was a different story on Monday as we drove home in the rain that washed all our snow away.

This was taken as we left the hotel.

And our view when we got home. A good night for a stew.

Tuesday was spent doing chores and baking a lemon blueberry loaf.  But as I was watching The Kitchen at the same time and they made an icing, I copied it. I swapped out the butter in the icing for maple syrup and instead of lemon juice I used Limoncello!
Wings and fries for dinner.

Wednesday as I went to get my hair cut, display in Brookfield Place.

Interesting sunset.
Clam chowder and gluten free homemade biscuits, these never fail.

I took this on Thursday as I waited for my cousin to have lunch with. We both had dynamite poke bowls at Mercatino.

The Dynamite bowl isn’t so much a poke bowl as a kind of sushi-poke mashup, a hefty base of warm white rice topped with a giant scoop of imitation crab, neon red tobiko, avocado, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, shrimp tempura and spicy mayo.

Thursday dinner was haddock, mustard sauce, cauliflower rice and roasted mushrooms and tomatoes.

Friday was a gorgeous sunny day. This is the Union Station skating rink.

They offer free skate rentals and free lessons. It was quiet but it got busy at lunch hour.

We went to St. Lawrence Market as I wanted to make a prime rib on the weekend.
$12 for vegetables and we got potatoes, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, spinach, beets, carrots and turnip.


All kinds of frozen shellfish, including cooked mussels.

Various types of chicken to roast.

This counter carries all kinds of interesting meats like emu, yak, camel, ostrich...

And more cheeses!

We need some snow, just a dusting, for better photos!

Back at Union Station, this is the warming lounge.

For a change, lamb chops, roast potatoes and broccolini along with beets that I roasted in the afternoon.


Not a great reading week, can't seem to find something I really like.
I finished Another Brooklyn, and was a little underwhelmed and disappointed.
Our Secrets and Lies annoyed me, the main character needed a good swift kick, a typical helicopter mother, the story line did nothing for me. Too chick lit.
Started The Confession Club, too sweet for me.
The Suspect does have my interest!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the winter scenes with snow. I love to look at them, but don't like to be there! I'm enjoying the 80 degree days in Florida

    1. Snow was washed away and it is a very rainy day today! I'd enjoy 80 degrees as well.

  2. Great memories of the St. Lawrence Market, thank you. Gawd how we loved those back bacon sammies!!! And the endless cheeses. And samples.

  3. What a super market! So much to see (and buy). Not much snow here yet. Today is a very rainy day ere too. I want some sunshine!

  4. Looks like some delicious food and great sites. Like Judy I appreciate looking at the winter weather from afar! ;-)

  5. You always see so much art in your city. It must be lovely to be surrounded with so much art.

    The cheeses look especially delicious. It would be strange to see kangaroo at the market.

    The snow is so beautiful!

    Have a great week!

  6. The snow in the countryside looks so pretty. Good to see Canadians are also eating our national fauna symbol. Perhaps the addition of boar makes it edible. I think you subsequently received your dusting of snow.

    1. No, Andrew, we have had so much rain this week that the snow is all gone.

  7. Great photos from the market - bet your meal was good!

  8. It can be frustrating when you have a run of books that aren’t quite what you want. I hope you continue to enjoy Suspects.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  9. Lovely pictures! I like the fountain with dogs.

  10. Kangaroo Chorizo - interesting! Finally in the middle I discovered this is your food posts - , after I copied your lemon blueberry loaf, and clam chowder recipe! Girl, if i don't get through to the end of the post, it's because I have a short attention span, but I love to try out recipes from blogs, because I know they worked for regular people instead of chefs.
    . There's not much snow for Canada, or does that come later in winter? It looks like you keep pretty busy, no matter how cold it is outside. Right now it's near zero and am glad we have our car in the garage (first time ever:))
    instead of outside. Many thanks for linking your week up to All Seasons! Enjoy your December week. Jesh

  11. That's my kind of market. Another thing I miss about living in the boondocks. :-)


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