Friday, December 6, 2019


December 2019 - Toronto ON

December 2019 - Eataly Toronto ON

Saturday and we binged on series/movies. John watched Jack Ryan and Coronation St.
I watched The Hours, I had read the book years ago and may have seen the movie back then, not sure.

And a Canadian film, The Bad Daughter, kind of cute.

We started watching a new series Dublin Murders is a television series based on the first two Dublin Murder Squad books by Tana French, The story, consisting of eight episodes, is adapted from In the Woods and The Likeness. I made sure I let Tina of Squirrel Head Manor know about the series as she is a fan of French.

Burgers and fries for dinner.

Sunday looked like this. Thank goodness we have a convenience store in the building.

Winter weather warning in effect as ice pellets, freezing rain hit southern Ontario

We don't even need snow for this out our window.

Monday and I picked up some items for dinner as John's son was in town on business and coming over. I made my go to Spanish chicken thighs with mashed white and sweet potatoes using chicken stock.

Typical winter morning after a snowfall.

Wednesday and John took a walk along Lake Ontario. Looking east towards downtown, you can see the CN Tower in the middle distance.

Looking west.

There we are, on the far right.

We finally decided to subscribe to Netflixs, had been hold outs. So we are currently bingeing our way through Peaky Blinders, we had seen the first couple of seasons but decided to rewatch them.

The sun came out for a second while I was downtown.

Set up our new lamp from Ikea.

John put our new Ikea trolley together.

Dinner was pasta carbonara.

Friday was girls' day out and we went to Bay and Bloor to check out the new Eataly store.

And I was impressed!

Eataly Toronto is part of a chain of Italian food emporiums with over 35 locations worldwide, including this 50,000-square-foot outpost in the Manulife Centre at Bloor and Bay.

Three floors encompass counters for pizza, seafood, meats, cheeses, baked goods, gelato and more.

There's also several full-on restaurants, a cooking school and a basement brewery, beer bar and bottle shop by Indie Alehouse.

Bakery on ground level, there is seating everywhere.

Lots of specialized counters for eating.

Incredible cheese and deli choices at good prices.

A produce section includes mushrooms that are foraged for and farmed by local Canadian producers.

I have never seen yellowfoot mushrooms!

Then a browse through Indigo.

I picked this up for our small table.


December 2019 - Indigo Toronto ON

Finished The Perfect Plan, I just found the plot too confusing but did have empathy for Liam and his difficult upbringing.

I started Anything is Possible but I don't think I will finish it, just not getting my attention.

I also started The Odds, my first by O'Nan and I am really enjoying his writing.

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  1. Wow! It sure is cold in Toronto.. Now I know why I see so many snow birds from Toronto here is Florida! Have a great week and keep warm.

  2. Loved the photos of Eataly. I've been to the one in New York, but find it overwhelming and excessively crowded. I should give it another chance in another city. We started the Dublin Murders too . . . nicely done show. Yay for Netflix! Some of those mugs were really fun.

    1. This was crowded also. I would go back in the early morning.

  3. Eataly looks amazing. I hope it comes here.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always good to hook up with a fellow Ontarian. Looks like you guys know how to eat!

  5. I can’t imagine -2 degrees. If it were that cold outside, I think I might have to curl up in a ball, wrap up in about fifteen sheets, and climb up in bed. I can not imagine how cold it must be.

    Love the coffee cup and wine glass. Have to share that with a friend.

    We broke down and got Netflix, on a trial basis, last year. We still have it. Love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. And Great British Baking Show.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Deb, but don't forget that is -2 Celsius is 28 F. It's not really cold at all.
      I have to watch the Great British Baking Show.

  6. The cup be good or I'll text Santa made me laugh:) The Eataly sounds fun.Specialty restaurants is what I miss here. The Thai is as far as it's gets:) Love that white bridge in the snow. And the colored Adirondack chairs in the snow are great captures, Jackie! Is the new Dublin series Irish enough for you?A great post with many city views and life - I like it! Many thanks showing Toronto in snow for All Seasons! Stay was mand safe this week:)

    1. Oh, yes, Jesh, the Dublin series is Irish enough. Irish actors, and filmed around Dublin in places that I know.
      The chairs do look great in the snow, we call them Muskoka chairs after our cottage country.


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