Saturday, December 21, 2019

Holiday Cheer

December 2019 - Toronto ON

December 2019 - ROM Toronto

Saturday was a rainy day, so we cocooned and had ham, colcannon and Brussels sprouts for dinner.

We tried some of the cheese we had bought. The brie was delicious, and the cheddar was certainly spicy!

Sunday I met a friend for a long chat.

I made my first perfect prime rib ever using this method. Basically oven pre-heated to 480, season meat, put meat in oven on rack, five minutes per pound then turn off oven for two hours. Perfect.

I checked out meat prices at the Coppa market, not too bad.

Tuesday we spent the afternoon watching The Irishman with popcorn and coke.
An enjoyable, entertaining afternoon.

A week of leftovers as we had prime rib for dinner.

Wednesday was a very cold day but I headed out for a mani-pedi.

Bitterly cold afternoon but the sun came out as I sat in my reading corner.

The leftover ham became quiche with homemade gluten free biscuits.

Sand truck.

Cold but we wouldn't be outside for long as we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum ROM.

Bloodsuckers: Legends to Leeches, a ROM-original exhibition where nature and culture truly collide.
From leeches and lampreys to birds and moths, there are over 30,000 species that feed on blood, and their bloodsucking behaviour has fascinated humans for millennia.

Kissing bugs

Bed Bugs

Vampire bats

Oxblood bugs

Bird-feeding black flies

Vampire moths

This room simulated a typical Canadian summer evening in cottage country, as you are surrounded by the sound and noise of mosquitoes.

Sea Lampreys are the largest known lamprey species. The biggest on record is 1.2 metres long and weighs 2.5 kilograms. Lampreys attach to other fish with suction cup-like mouth filled with sharp teeth and razor sharp tongue. They feed on their prey’s blood and bodily fluids.

Part of the exhibit showcases how pop culture has vilified perhaps one of the most feared blood suckers - the vampire bat.

The vampire bat is a creature that has long been at the centre of evil tales through the evolution of immortal folklore characters, such as Dracula and other vampires.

The Yara-ma-yha-who is a legendary creature found in Australian Aboriginal mythology. According to legend, the creature resembles a little frog-like man with red skin, a very big head, a large mouth with no teeth and suckers on the ends of its hands and feet.

The Yara-ma-yha-who is said to live in fig trees. Instead of hunting for food, it is described as waiting for an unsuspecting traveller to rest under the tree. The creature then drops down and uses its suckers to drain the victim's blood. After that it swallows the person, drinks some water, and then takes a nap. When the Yara-ma-yha-who awakens, it regurgitates the victim, leaving them shorter than before. The victim's skin also has a reddish tint to it that it didn't have before. It repeats this process several times. At length, the victim is transformed into a Yara-ma-yha-who themselves.

According to legend, the Yara-ma-yha-who is only active during the day and only targets living prey. "Playing dead" until sunset (it is said to only hunt during the day) is offered as a ploy to avoid attack.

We headed up to the No photos allowed National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 exhibit so click here to see some of the winners.

One  of my favourites, from All in the Wild website of photographer Jason Leo Bantle

ROM entrance.

Heading home.

Museum subway station.

The end of the prime rib became beef with noodles.

Friday and the temperatures rose and the sun came out and I headed out to meet my BFF at Union Station.

We headed to Allan Gardens for their Christmas display.


Then John and I headed to the City Hall Christmas market.

Smoke from the fire pits

Time for some mulled wine! It warms up the hands and and the heart!

Cold fingers and toes, time for pizza at Libretto on King.

Streetcar home.

What better than a Toronto Christmas card!

Angela Young decided to do a Beastie Boys-themed holiday card with her two kids this year, and she posted an adorable photo of the trio on Instagram two days go. 

"Finally getting into the holiday spirit this week and hope you are too!" she wrote. "For this year’s card theme, we channeled the ultimate trio #thebeastieboys and one of my all-time favourite music videos, 'Intergalactic' for inspiration."


December 2019 - ROM Toronto

Finally got to read Origin by Dan Brown and am enjoying it.

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  1. Great photos. Such an interesting exhibit. I have never considered the variety of bloodsuckers in the animal kingdom. ;-)

  2. Wow, that blood-sucking exhibit looks fascinating. I loved the flower displays, especially the dresses. Beautiful nighttime holiday displays. Hope whatever holidays you celebrate are filled with happiness.

  3. Lots of great Christmas photos. The blood sucking exhibition looked very well done but it's a bit creepy. I'll watch the clip later. I don't know it. So strange to see you all rugged up when it is so hot here.

  4. Wow! The Christmas Market lights are spectacular. I also loved all the photos from the garden. So festive.

    I can't think of a single blood-sucking creature that I'd save were I in charge of the universe. I suppose they serve some purpose, though...

    Happy holidays!

  5. That winter hat looks fab on you, Jackie! Your prime rib roast looks delicious. Am glad I live in this time instead that of the bloodsuckers, eek! Oh that snow pic in the beginning would want to make you stay at home! Am glad you ventured out to see the Christmas displays of flowers -sooo pretty! Now all that rests us is to celebrate and have a merry Christmas - have a beautiful merry day. as well as the rest of the week!

  6. I like the Tomorrow Tree. My head reels thinking about the junk I could put together. :-) The best of holiday cheer to you!

  7. Hope you had a great Christmas, Jackie! I know you wouldn't run out of food. Any leftovers? :) :) Love those flower ladies! All the very best to you in 2020.

  8. what a fabulous few days . . and that prime rib looks amazing. Your blood suckers though brought back very bad memories of a bed bug experience!


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