Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas Fare

2018 - Mazatlan Mexico

Well, it certainly wasn't a white Christmas here in Toronto this year. Temperatures were above normal and the little snow we did have melted away before the weekend.

Saturday and I made a lemon cheesecake with lemon curd to bring to my cousin's for our Christmas sleepover.

John cooked our traditional breakfast at my cousin's, bacon, eggs, black pudding, mushrooms and home fries.

We got home early afternoon on Sunday.

Monday we met friends for lunch at O and B's, where we all had the flat iron steak and fries!

We got our first new $10 bill, first woman and first vertical bill. Click here the Bank of Canada description.

The bill features civil rights activist Viola Desmond — the first Canadian woman to be profiled on a regularly circulating banknote — on one side.

The first vertically oriented banknote in Canada, the design also includes an artistic rendering of Halifax's north end and waterfront, where Viola Desmond lived and owned a beauty salon.

Also depicted is an eagle feather, which the Bank of Canada says represents the ongoing journey toward recognizing rights and freedoms for Indigenous people.

On Nov. 8, 1946, Desmond took in a movie at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow while her car was getting fixed. When she refused to leave the whites-only section on the main level of the theatre, Desmond, 32, was dragged out by police and jailed. Black people were only allowed to sit in the balcony of the theatre.

Past the Dog Fountain as we headed to the market to get a turkey, sausages and flank steak.

Mural on the back of the Flatiron building.

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, and we did a quick run to get vegetables for Christmas.

Before we left, at 10:30 AM. we saw this out our window. The Toronto Police Service Holiday RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) campaign had a checkpoint on an exit ramp, nowhere for anyone to run! The red car is pulled over and the orange jeep will also get pulled over.

We decided to use our grill to cook our dinner.
Prep: flank steak, sausages, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese.

Christmas Day and we only took a very bad photo of our trifle based on my mother's recipe but with gluten free lady fingers.

The rest of the week was spent at home relaxing, other than helping a friend in the building.
We ate lots of leftovers.

We watched our fair share of movies this week, bingeing on several afternoons.

Two Popes very loosely based on true events, however fascinating
6 Underground
Triple Frontier
The Laundromat  excellent Meryl Streep based on the Panama Papers scandal
The Operative
Santa Fake hokey but who could resist Irish (American) songs and Christmas carols.
Acts of Violence
Operation Finale
And of course we watched both Home Alones!!! And watching our individual favourites.

September 2019 - Dundas St. Toronto

I am still reading Origin, didn't really get into it this week.

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  1. Your long and entertaining Christmas celebration looks very enjoyable. So many days of Christmas! As always my Toronto memories are all mixed up with Margaret Atwood.

    best... mae at

  2. Wow, the food photos are phenomenal! Magazine worthy and making me hungry.
    That’s cool watching the police pull people for impaired driving. When we spent Thanksgiving at St George Island we had a porch with a view of the big bridge connecting to the mainland & watched as peop,e were pulled over constantly .

    Thank you for the nice comment about my soup post. It’s been a hectic few weeks and I hope to get a blogging schedule upcoming after the new year. I’m officially retired now and I love it. Once I get through this constant pain before I get a root canal and the dog’ surgery woes....I’m footloose and free to whatever!

  3. Vertical banknotes! Why? Good that Desmond is so honoured. I can't quite work out the ochre building. What is real and what isn't.

    1. The entire piece is attached to the building.
      It is on the back of the Flatiron building and is an image of the historic Perkins building across the street.

  4. Your Christmas looks relaxing and fun. Your new vertical bill is very cool and yay for Canada! I should have moved 4 years ago when I had the chance. Sigh.

    We really liked Laundromat too. I'm add Two Popes to our list.

    We're grilling tonight, but not quite the feast you had.

    1. You're up early! Would have been great to have you up here!

  5. Came by to wish you Happy Holidays! Looks like you enjoyed and with some good food too.. Love the white wine sign..

  6. Wow! What a fabulous Christmas week. Well, a white Christmas would have been nice, I suppose, but, yes, there is always red. (Passing on this clever.)

    I especially love all the foods you run across this week. Look at those delish cupcakes.

    We went through our favorite Christmas movies this year. We were surprised to find that we saw them all.

    Here's to a wonderful new year!

  7. I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas, even without snow!
    I love the vertical note and the icon it represents.

    Wishing you a great reading week and a Happy New Year

  8. Love the windows wall art, Jackie! :) :) Good health and happy eating in 2020!

  9. Love the painting on the side of the apartment building! Have that happen too, that my pics on holidays are the worst, lol! Innovative to have a vertical paper bill! Isn't it interesting, that the people of yesterday who "deserved" prison, are the heroes of today! How fickle is man. Yes, I'm surprized you didn't have more snow that you had the last few weeks (who knows, last year the heavier snow came in February!). Many thanks for all the beautiful posts you linked to All Seasons in 2019! Not to forget all your kind and witty comments:) Wishing you and your hubby a prosperous 2020 with many great surprises. Cheers, Jackie!

  10. There was an exhibit about Viola Desmond at the Bank of Canada's currency museum here a few months back.


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