Monday, July 8, 2019

Monday Mural

I'm linking up at Monday Mural

July 2019 - Toronto ON

We spent yesterday wandering around Ossington Ave. looking for new murals.

This is a great area (one of many) for street art and murals.
Click these links for more Ossington.
Ossington 3 Eat Your Veggies
Ossington 4 John's find - That Loser Smolik
Ossington 6 Lots of Jimmys
Trekking Ossington seems like we took some of these today also so I will leave them out.

These are the new ones we set out to see.

A non for profit group “The Laneway Project” taps into the potential of Toronto laneways. These were done in June this year.  Paul Jackson, Victor Fraser, Jeff BlackBurn & Alex Garant, That Loser Smolik and Alex Bacon were all creating art on walls, garage doors and sidewalks.

Alex Garant click on her name to find out more about her. She is known for her double eyes, and is new to us.

Victor Fraser is a sidewalk artist.

Paul Jackson

That Loser Smolik

Truck was blocking Jeff Blackburn's Billie Holiday. Looking at his gallery, I didn't think I've seen his work before.

As part of the "Outside The Box" project, artist Jeff Blackburn adds a touch of wildlife with pink grizzly bears and raccoons occupying the traffic signal boxes in front of The Rex and other places across the city.
So it seems I have seen his grizzly bear.

Alex Bacon - he can also be found in Liberty Village.

And we also found so many more new ones.

Birdo, almost completely blocked.

Done a few years ago by @konecki_art as part of the Activism project.

Another Birdo.

Paul Swanski is a Polish artist.

In speaking to an artist at 146 Ossington (see below) this was done by a well-known artist but was a private commission.

These murals are inside 146 Ossington and the artist invited us in to see them.
Formally the Ossington Tire store, it is now a pop up gallery.
And here's another Alex Garant.

Senor Melon

Matt Gondek

And another That Loser Smolik

Another Jeff Blackburn

And a final Birdo just off Queen St. West beside the Death and Taxes Free House.


  1. ...Jackie, thanks for this color walk down the lane.

  2. They´re all wonderful!
    Being from The City of Henry the Lion, that´s one of my favs, the Lion.
    As the chicken... and Homer!!
    But they´re all great!

  3. Fantastic murals Jackie. I love the Jeff Blackburn murals, the dog and the chicken.
    Thanks for contributing.


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