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Toronto ON

The Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, formerly called the Toronto Island Ferry Docks, is the ferry slip for Toronto Island ferries operated by the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division. Three ferry routes provide transportation between mainland Toronto and Centre Island, Hanlan's Point and Ward's Island in the Toronto Islands, with levels of service to each destination differing depending on time of year. The terminal is located in the Toronto Harbour, behind the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel and adjacent to Harbour Square Park. It is south of Bay Street and Queens Quay.

The Toronto Island Ferry Docks were renamed the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal in honour of former city councillor and federal Member of Parliament Jack Layton in 2013.

Together - Stronger Together states the plaque behind a statue unveiled a few weeks ago dedicated to Jack Layton, a popular Toronto city politician who died from cancer in 2011.

Click here for my post on his death. A magazine article about his funeral.

The bronze sculpture by Toronto artist David Pellettier features Layton on the back seat of a tandem bicycle, much like the one he rode with his family, with the front seat open for people to hop on and take pictures.

Beloved children’s singer Raffi has immortalized the moving final words of the late Jack Layton in song (click this link if the video below doesn't play).

Click on the images to enlarge and read his final letter to Canadians.

Oh how I miss politicians like him! We could sure use him right about now in federal politics.


  1. ...what a great sculpture for a great man. Stronger Together is a great thought, I wish that it was true here right about now! Thank Jackie, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

  2. What a terrific sculpture! I love that the artist made it interactive for people. Great photos.

  3. Gosh that's a clever sculpture, love all the ideas here to remember this well respected politician - them were the days indeed!
    Lovely photos.
    Wren x

  4. I couldn't quite find Jack's farewell letter to Canadians, but what a lovely tribute, especially the statue. I'll have to find out more about Jack Layton, he was obviously beloved.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that the link didn't work, I have updated the post to share an image of the letter.

  5. Well, that wasn't what I expected from a ferry terminal! Cool photos.

    I'm so glad you linked up at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World

  6. Sorry, there is no translator on this website?


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