Monday, July 22, 2019

Foto Tunes

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme.

2010 - Glasgow Scotland

Came across this song when the singer, Jesse Buckley, was on The Colbert show. She is an Irish actor and singer.

The song, Glasgow, is from Wild Rose , a 2019 musical drama starring Jessie Buckley as a working-class young woman from Glasgow who dreams of moving to Nashville to become a country music star.

Glasgow (No Place Like Home)

I've worn out the stones in front of your doorstep
Coming and going, coming and going
You kept the lights on, I always knew that
I should've said "thank you" a thousand miles ago
But I pushed you away, put a pin in a map
Then I got lost in the storm

Had to find my own way, make my own mistakes
But you know that I had to go
Ain't no yellow brick road running through Glasgow
But I found one that's stronger than stone
Ain't no place like home, ain't no place like home

Moon hanging low over my window
Shoebox of dreams hid under my bed
Follow the bright light city of gold

I had to leave to realize all I needed was here
Mama, we both know that there's nothing
That a little time and Patsy Cline wouldn't fix

Had to find my own way, make my own mistakes
But you…
Source: Musixmatch

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