Monday, July 1, 2019

Paris in July

Thyme for Tea is hosting "Paris in July"

May 2019 - Paris France

How perfect is this? We were just in Paris in May. Our third visit, but this trip we had allowed a lot more time to enjoy ourselves and didn't need to do the "touristy" sights.

Since today is Canada Day, July 1, I'll start with a Canadian take on Paris.

The Great Canadian pub is located at 25 Quai Grands Augustins, along the Seine.


  1. Nice photo... I'm looking forward to your other Paris contributions.

    best... mae at

  2. I love that there is a Canadian pub. Oh, if Rick had seen that we'd be in there like a shot! Thanks for coming by for PIJ -- there are never too many posts about Shakespeare and Co!

  3. The Great Canadian Paris! Perfect.

  4. I imagine a good many Canadians in Paris might have stopped in there for Canada Day.

  5. Happy Canada day, somewhat late. Would love to take a glass at this pub.

  6. Happy Canada day, somewhat late. I would love to take a glass in this pub.


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