Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Dutch's Photo Challenge

This is actually really hard for me as I absolutely love sculptures on our travels
 and have even bought a book, Creating Memory, pinpointing all the Toronto sculptures street by street.

So I think I'll highlight some Toronto sculptures. But just as I decided on my topic I was overwhelmed by the numbers of sculptures in my files and decided to go with just one. This one because I am drawn to anything "bookish" and also the sculptor William McElcheran has done many works around the city.
If you click on sculpture in the labels/tags below this post you will discover how much I love sculpture! McElcheran will take you to more of his works.

The bronze statue that stands in front of the John M. Kelly library was created by the renowned Canadian sculptor William McElcheran. It was made of a plastic and fiberglass composite stained to resemble bronze and stood stood 142 centimeters high, 345 centimeters wide, and 35 centimeters deep. It was first unveiled on 6 June 1973, but a few years later it was sent to Italy to be bronzed.If you look at the statue from the street, you will see a crowd of people going about their business.

If you look at the side facing the library, you will also see a smaller, more contemplative group of people, some of whom you may recognize. McElcheran deliberately included the faces of many contemporary and ancient scholars and teachers. Some of these individuals, such as Einstein or Gandhi, are easy to make out.

From left to right, you can see the following figures:
James Joyce
Stephen Leacock
T. S. Eliot
Geoffrey Chaucer
Marshall McLuhan
Dante Alighieri
Germaine de Staël
George Bernard Shaw
George Sand
Leo Tolstoy
William Shakespeare
Sigmund Freud
Jean-Paul Sartre
Rene Descartes
Etienne Gilson
Søren Kierkegaard
Georg Hegel
Immanuel Kant
Eugène Ionescu
Jacques Maritain
St. Thomas Aquinas
Sir Isaac Newton
St. Theresa of Avila
St. Augustine
Albert Einsten
Eldridge Cleaver
John Henry Newman
Barbara Ward
Karl Marx
Charles Darwin
Mahatma Gandhi
Herman Kahn



  1. ...how great to have so many sculptures that a book was published!

  2. This is amazing -- I would love to see all these famous people in sculpture in person!


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