Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Mural

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2017 - Fort Smith AR

Part Two - click here for part one.

Maser is not only a street artist. He also creates works on canvas, video and 3D installations. Maser first started painting graffiti in his native Ireland in 1995 and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most innovative artists working in the field. Maser created a huge mural on the busy Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith. The artist’s new peace is featuring his signature geometric imagery combined with a series of colorful army soldiers.

Askew or Askew One is recognized worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art and remains at the forefront of the international art scene through constantly exploring new and exciting styles. During his stay in Arkansas, Askew met some members of the Cherokee Nation. Few days later, he painted photographed portraits of the Cherokee women.

D*Face is one of the most prominent contemporary urban artists. It seems that this amazing British artist was inspired by the local history. He created a huge mural showing the image of a masked cowboy riding his horse and a skeleton hand shooting a pistol. It took about five days for D*Face to complete this large piece.

Roa is an artist from Belgium. He is primarily known for his strong obsession with animals - particularly rodents. Most of his work consists of gray scale colors using various shades of black and white. He has two works that he completed in the 2015 project in Fort Smith - one is an otter and the other is a mole which I showed last week.

We could see this one from our hotel room!

Another Ana Maria - War Birds.

Franco Fasoli, aka Jaz, is one of Argentina’s best known and most talented street artists. Jaz studied scenography at the Instituto del Teatro Colón and studied painting, drawing and ceramics at Instituto Universitario Naciónal de Arte (IUNA) which have heavily impacted his street art style.

With an urban-inspired perspective, Pastel (also from Argentina) transforms ordinary buildings into inspiring works of art that contribute to a town's positive identity. The artist strives to base his work on his own experiences, as well as the stories of the particular space he is working.

Together, the two artists collaborated on this piece titled, "Rapto Divino,".


  1. ...WOW what a collection. ROA is always a standout.

  2. Fort Smith AK seems a very unlikely place to find such great murals, but more and more places are developing a great taste for street art. Really nice group of photos here.
    best... mae at

  3. Great collection Jackie! I recognized Roa, who also has some murals in Perth.
    Thanks for participating.


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