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inSPIREd Sunday

Sally and Beth host inSPIREd Sunday!  

May 2019 - Barcelona Spain

May 23 Barcelona

It is interesting that I cannot find much information on this church anywhere.

With its long and memorable journey with history, San Agustin Church can be considered as one of the most important churches in Barcelona. Historical records show that it was in 1728 that the Agustinian friars constructed the Convent of San Agustin in Calle Hospital. Built as a minor basilica with a dome and three naves, the facade is baroque.

During the French invasion in 1808, the convent served as military barracks shared by both soldiers and monks. Six years of war and due to the imminent danger and recurring attacks from different forces, the convent was left without a single religious person running the place. The following year, the troops abandoned it and the convent was recovered by the friars who immediately took the initiative for its restoration and reconstruction. Twenty years later, in 1835, the place was set ablaze with other convents of the city. After its restoration, the convent was converted into a parish church and still holds the same status as of today.

During the Spanish war in 1936, the place was again set on fire and was ransacked by looters. More than four decades later, the San Agustin Church was the place where the Asamblea de Catalunya was founded.

There were so many red lit candles.

The church had just celebrated St. Rita.

The Sant Agustí convent in the Raval district has once again been celebrating Saint Rita. As ever, hundreds of worshippers honoured the saint by taking her red roses.Saint Rita is the patron of itinerant flower sellers, and also of impossible things. With this in mind, many believers use the occasion to offer a blessed rose to the saint and ask something of her.
To meet demand, the chapel blesses roses every half an hour.

Legend has it that Rita suffered abuse and beatings by her husband. After being widowed and losing her two sons as well, she went to live in a convent. A few months before her death, in the middle of winter, Rita was visited by a relative who upon leaving asked her if she wanted anything. Rita replied that she would like a rose from the garden. Surprisingly, when the relative got to the garden they found a large rose had flowered. Since then, roses have become the main attribute of the saint.

I even found a video of the church service.


  1. ...European churches give a whole new meaning to old!

  2. i really enjoy the red accents throughout. i love the candle (think they are called tea light? maybe not? any who.) they are so cool. really glow in your shots. hope u r well. thanks for the book news. hope ur days are awesome. take care. ( ;

  3. That is a beautiful church, somthing you could not tell from the outside


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