Saturday, June 8, 2019

Market Day

June 2019 - Toronto ON

Second week home and we're still just getting settled. The weather has been rather unlike spring, still a lot of rain.

We're officially unpacked and suitcases put away.

Caught this colourful streetcar from our window.

We haven't really been out and about much. I had lunch with my BFF on Monday to catch up.
I got this great reflection from the bus.

New seating arrangements at Union Station and the outdoor food court opened.

What the heck happened to the hands and numbers?

Then I went to our building's town hall with a friend. We have already won the "best condo newsletter" award and this is the presentation that we are hoping will win us the best condo award.

We were promised that the rooftop patio will be open in time for this year's air show in September...time will tell.

Tuesday was errands, hair cut, change the leftover Euros for dollars and have my phone checked.

John got rained out on Wednesday, men's golf league, the first time in four years but he put the time to good use by going to bottle the wine we had made.
He did get his game in on Friday.

Generic label, we should design our own.

Thursday was a nice sunny day and John wanted pizza, I couldn't get a reservation at Libretto's on University so we went to the one on King St.

Raptors' fever is everywhere! These signs are on many construction sites.

And as I write this on Saturday we lead the series 3-1!!!

That's one big corkscrew!

When did they paint this blue? Seems it's not paint, but a wrap for this play.

Next door to the Royal Alexandra Theatre is a new steakhouse.

Not sure if it is opened yet, Google can only find a location in Montreal.
Name translates as Horse Tail.

My new favourite at Libretto's.

Shared sampling of cured meats, cheeses, small tastes & accompaniments. I am addicted to this bread. A paneto is basically a souffle of pizza dough and it was so good. I took the rest home and it heated up great as well along with the rest of the cheese and meat, made a great dinner.

The hummus and raisin/apple chutney was good also.

John's spicy pepperoni pizza, no leftovers there.

June is PRIDE month in Toronto and it is embraced by most companies.

BMO (Bank of Montreal) had this sign in the branch on Monday.

TD (Toronto Dominion) had this great rainbow.

More basketball fever at this pop up market on King St.

Friday was a perfect day. I sat here waiting for the bus as traffic was nuts downtown due to the basketball game and it was being played in California!

Union Station food court was packed at noon, this upper seating area is new this year.

Reflection in the Royal Bank building.

The Royal Bank doesn't look golden today.

 Waiting for the light to change.
I've no idea why he is atop the Sony Centre for Performing Arts. I've looked at their schedule and nothing speaks to a sailor!

Looking down Yonge as I wait.

.Taken from the Sony Centre.

New plaque outside the Sony Centre commemorating the original name.

Who knew - largest soft-seat theatre????

The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts is a major performing arts venue and it is the country's largest soft-seat theatre. The building opened as the O’Keefe Centre on October 1, 1960, and it has hosted a variety of international attractions and stars. From 1996 to 2007 the building was known as Hummingbird Centre.

In January 2019, TO Live (formerly Civic Theatres Toronto, a City of Toronto agency which manages and operates the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto Centre for the Arts, and the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts) announced a new sponsorship deal with Meridian Credit Union, which will see the theatre rebranded Meridian Hall in September.

The Centre was built on land formerly occupied by a series of commercial buildings, including the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Company, and previously it was the site of the Great Western Railway Terminal (later the Toronto Wholesale Fruit Market).

After some shopping in Urbinz I went to St. Lawrence Market for steaks, fruit and vegetables.

But first I dropped into the Market Gallery.

Toronto Through the Eyes of Women Artists

On display at the Market Gallery until June 22, 2019
The City of Toronto Art Collection contains nearly 2600 works collected by the City between the 1850s and today. Of the roughly 900 artists represented, a little more than a quarter are women. The gallery has never produced an exhibit focusing exclusively on their work until now. Featuring works by Canadian artists such as Marion Long, Paraskeva Clark and Doris McCarthy, the exhibition highlights how women artists have depicted and engaged with Toronto over the past 160 years.

Just a few that caught my eye.

Clara Sophia Hagarty worked with paints and pastels. She is best known for her paintings of flowers. She was elected to the Ontario Society of Artists in 1903 Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1904. She studied in New Jersey, Paris, and the Netherlands

Mary Ella Dignam was a Canadian painter, teacher, and art organizer best remembered as the founder and first president of the Women's Art Association of Canada.

 And a favourite of mine, Doris McCarthy, we had visited her home, Fool's Paradise,  a few years during Doors Open.

Some fun signs at the market.

Saturday's roast pork leftovers became stir fried pineapple leftover roast pork and the sauce was one of the best. 

We had wings and fries, homemade veal spaghetti sauce, steak baked potatoes and roasted broccolini.


Still working on the John Lennon biography.

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  1. More about John's wine-making! I make wine from our tropical fruit, when there's excess.

    1. Hi Claudia, the wine I made is called Italian Super Tuscan. Full-bodied and dry, this classic blend exudes aromatics of fresh raspberries supported by subtle hints of vanilla and earth. Untoasted American oak shavings add intense tannins to round out the concentrated nose of blackberries and black pepper. Balanced acidity and a velvety mouthfeel best describes the En Primeur Super Tuscan. With bursting flavours of plum, cassis, cherry, and red currant, blended with subtle notes of leather, spice, and licorice it’s no wonder this fruit friendly wine is perfect for food pairing with famous Italian dishes.

  2. Corporate naming rights- one of my pet peeves.

  3. It's been quite a while since we were downtown. One of these days we will have a trip to see all the big buildings and just be a tourist....

  4. Thanks for a tour around the city, I love the rainbow in TD, and you have some really interesting buildings!

    Have a great week

  5. I don't get downtown very often so seeing photos of life south of the 401 is cool 🙂

    Am I showing my age by still thinking of the Sony Centre as the O'Keefe? 😉

  6. That sailor looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie. Best of luck to the Raptors, I hope they win it all.

    1. Thank you, Diane!! I knew nothing about Ghostbusters, but it was on the schedule for the Sony Centre!!!

      Fingers crossed!

  7. You have so many options and things to do in your large city. It's beautiful.

  8. Am going backwards in my reply,lol. Love all the art pieces! Am surprised Hagarty is using also pastel (pastels are not done much in Holland - I discovered. Several adults had never had even picked up as pastel stick, until my workshop. That bird wrapping itself around the pillar is awesome! Raisin-apple chutney I would like to try:)
    What's going on with the Raptor's fever? Apologizing for my ignorance, but is it a race between several construction groups? Congrats with the condo award, and please give us an update on the roof patio (I think it's a great feature for a condo building!) By the way, love your cute header! Can see after your Euro trip, you have flung yourself back into Toronto life! Many thanks for your week of experiences to share with All Seasons:) Have a good one!

  9. Your photos of city buildings are awesome. I love the corkscrew shot especially. I'm going to look up a paneto recipe. Sometimes all I want is is the crust.

  10. You live in a beautiful city! Love the women artist exhibit at the Market Gallery. I can't wait to come back.

  11. Finally back from my trip -- love getting to know your city through your daily adventures. need some salumi e formaggi and paneto in my life

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