Saturday, June 1, 2019

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May 2019 - Toronto ON

Hard to believe that this time last Saturday we were on our way to the airport in Barcelona on our way home after a month in Europe.
Checked in, went through security and found a lounge.

Here we are waiting in the lounge. This lounge really had a nice spread for breakfast. Even pate! John headed right back to get his own. I even thought about taking some home but figured it was illegal to bring into the country, I watch Border Security (Canadain,  US, Australia)!

A glass of bubbly to kick off our flight.

We had great seats, row 4. This was an Air Canada flight and I must say the two flight attendants in our section were the most pleasant I've seen in a long time on AC.
They handed out iPads for the inflight entertainment. I was happy to watch Bohemian Rhapsody again as I read my book.

The usual "chicken or pasta". The chicken was quite good, served with polenta, which John hated. The chocolate mousse was delicious!

I tried to watch The Mule but it was so trite and predictable.

Long flight 8 hours but we land around 2:30 in the afternoon, our bags are the first off and we are home by 3:30.
Hungry, we order Swiss Chalet chicken. We are in bed by 9 PM for us that is 3 AM. But I am up at 3:30 AM Sunday morning.

Most of the week passed in a daze, getting unpacked and laundry done, John hit balls on Monday and golfed on Wednesday and Friday.

I spent a lot of time getting my daily travel posts and am finally up to May 14 Paris to Rome. That post also has links to the other posts.

We've also been sorting and cleaning up our photos from the trip. We hadn't actually looked at them while travelling. Not enough time in a day, I just downloaded them daily onto my laptop.

There is basketball fever in the city as the Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors in the first game of the NBA finals. It is the first time that O Canada has been sung as this is also the first time that a final has been played outside of the United States!

I took this early in the week before the first game win.

And here are some numbers according to the Globe and Mail.

$46,800 for a courtside seat for game 2 on Sunday. Tickets for Game 1 were available at the box office for $1,100 just before game time Thursday. Scalpers outside Scotiabank Arena were selling them for $1,200.

350 The number of people who had the Raptors logo permanently tattooed on their bodies at Freedom Ink, a tattoo parlour in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood that offered them free all week.

1,330 The number of LED light fixtures on the CN Tower that turn bright red at the top of every hour on game nights to support the team. The tower also projected the "We the North” slogan on its side Thursday.

Tuesday John and I baked and I forgot to take any photos!!
We made these cranberry meltaway cookies for the first time and they were delicious. We used lemons instead of oranges as we lad a large Costco bag of lemons.
I had frozen blackberries in the freezer so I made this blackberry loaf. The recipe specifically said to thaw the berries so it was a navy coloured loaf. Not a keeper.
We've made with this raspberry yogurt cake lots of times and we used cranberries this time.

Interesting weather.

Dinners were simple, roast chicken, chicken curry, pork chops, Asian chicken lettuce wraps, hamburger stew and steak.


Not much reading on this trip but I did finish Ritz and Escoffier The Hotelier, the Chef, and the Rise of the Leisure Class, this was a perfect read for this trip and we started out in Cannes, Paris and London. These two men revolutionized luxury and travel. As someone who loves cooking and watching cooking shows you can still see the impact that Escoffier had on the industry as many of his rules are still in play.

I loved the thriller Jar of Hearts and it's been a while since I've said that.

This week I am engrossed in Phillip Norman's 851 page biography of John Lennon. It is a riveting read that has me smiling at times as I recall those songs and times.

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  1. I like your style traveling. The food on the airline sounded good to me.
    We watched The Mule and I liked it. Did you know about the website History vs Hollywood? If it’s a true story they put the real persons photo next to the actor that played them and tell the story. The facts vs what Hollywood took liberties with. Check it out 😉

    I’ve been reading a lot lately and I have cataract surgery planned so, trying to get my obligation reviews for early release books done. I don’t know what to expec about when I can see again. I will have to add Jar of Hearts to my list.

  2. I need to get a copy of that Lennon biography. I too liked Ritz and Escoffier; I learned a lot from that book. It looks like the AC food is better than the United food we got last year back and forth from Brussels. I could probably live without a navy blue loaf, but those cranberry cookies from Cookies and Cups look really, really good.

  3. LOVE your foggy photo. Your trip sounds heavenly.
    My post features a visit to #Seattle's Volunteer Park.

  4. That misty view is quite something to see.

  5. We liked the lounge in Barcelona too!


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