Saturday, June 29, 2019

Mixed Salad

June 2019 - Toronto ON

When in Longo's on Friday, I was glad to have John with me, as chicken thighs and extra lean ground beef were two for one, I went back on Wednesday for more!

Tuesday we had a business lunch at Lena, a new Bonacini restaurant. The food was good.

John'a beef brochette with two quail eggs and frites.

Grilled octopus and sauteed kale.

Mosaics of Adelaide St. in a laneway.

Wednesday I dropped into the Royal York hotel for a pop up sale of clothing from the UK.

Nothing bought.

Thursday we went to Kensington Market and mooched around.

The neighbourhood is awash in murals, down every alley.

Elicser was painting this last year when we were here. Click here to see lots more of Kensington Market from last year.

Raptors fever continues.

John, taking the above photo, last year the gates were closed.

Lunch at the Burgernator, they do a gluten free bun.

We spent some time poking in the unique shops dotting the area.

Hot sauces.

Bunner's gluten free bakery.

Yarn Untangled.

Gardens are sprouting throughout our city.

One of the entrances to Kensington Market.
Generations of cats have been born in Kensington—you see them everywhere. In “Home Again, Home Again”, the cat and the kitchen chair evoke the comforts of home.

On Spadina, we missed it last week by Talie Shalmon.

Into 401 Richmond to see some new displays.
This was titled Land Line.

Friday I went shopping but didn't find anything enticing. John did a Costco run.

A couple of movies stood out for me this week. Lantana from 2001.

The Last of the Bombshell Blondes

I decided to try some online courses and started with The Art of Cathedrals from Yale University.
I also found a course on the European Paintings: From Leonardo to Rembrandt to Goya

We had Veal Parmigiana.
Clam chowder with these new biscuits Quick and Easy Cheese Puffs which we both really liked and so easy to make.
Since I had all this ground beef I made a batch of spaghetti sauce. I even had a small piece of pork belly left over so I ground that up and added it.
BBQ chicken thighs.
Steaks on Friday with salad as someone gave me a huge amount from their garden!

I have to say I finished Year of Wonders and absolutely loved it.
I also finished When the Lights Go Out and it took three quarters of the book before it got my interest. At the beginning, I just thought meh. I still wouldn't it was a great read.
Started Give Me Your Hand.

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  1. Those are eye-catching murals, and incredibly many of them! I'd love to see that neighborhood.

    best... mae at

  2. You always find THE BEST street art! And you ate like royalty this week. I checked into the movies, and they both look good, esp. the one with Judi Dench.

  3. LOVE your colorful photos... so many murals! Your pictures of food always make me hungry. Looks like you've been having fun.
    My post features Silver Falls and Grove of the Patriarchs at Mount Rainier

  4. I love seeing all your adventures. Especially your food adventures!

  5. As always, the food looks delicious and the artwork is so beautiful! You live in such a remarkable city. I am still determined to get back there for a visit soon, though our life has been non-stop crises lately, so no travel. I stayed at the Royal York with my Girl Scout troop when I was a kid and we spent a few days in Toronto - great memories!

    Have a great week and thanks for sharing your lovely city!


    2019 Big Book Summer Challenge

  6. Oh, and I enjoyed Year of Wonders, too.


  7. I never had octopus until we visited Spain last year, I enjoyed it.

  8. Didn't think I hit "publish" but my comment was shisked away, so just to be sure this was my comment. Happy Canada Day to you and your hubby, Jackie! Hope you have a memorable celebration:) Will come back on Mon-Tue to comment on your post for All Seasons!

  9. You found so much beauty. Thank you so much for sharing all this color and delight with us.

  10. Hiya darlin :) :) Looking forward to the adventures in Europe. Thanks, Jackie!

  11. You had a busy week.. Great photos, especially the murals.


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