Saturday, March 2, 2019

Happy Hour


Six Word Saturday Niagara on the Lake ON

It was another blustery windy day and we both put on sweatshirts although the temperature said 24 C!!

We had the most interesting worst bus ride. We were going to Mary's for John's weekly burger fix, so decided to hop on the Juarez bus (10 pesos) rather than the green "gringo" bus (11 pesos). It was falling apart, the glass was cracked and there were no shocks as we held on for dear life. We fought the crowd to get off, luckily an elderly gentleman holding a cake was getting off too so I followed him.

We decided to walk for a while and turned up Atun and then came back to Sabalo along Marlin before grabbing the bus.

Hadn't noticed this before.

Topiaries on Atun.

My favourite colour! This would so be the colour of my house.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
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John cooked us a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and mushrooms.

Another winter goal completed. I finished our Spain 2018 video and John helped with a couple of edits before I uploaded to YouTube.

From our balcony.

The plan was to go for lupper late afternoon so we could watch the Oscars which started at 5:30 here. But as the day wore on and the winds got colder we got lazy and decided that we had food we should use right here.

Oscars started with the red carpet interviews in Spanish, hosted by Mexican TV personalities, a different perspective.

We had delicious dinner of fajitas, from Saturday's steaks.

Foto Tunes Mazatlan
Monday Mural Madrid Spain
Wordless Mazatlan

The winds were a little calmer as we spent the day reading under a palapa.


We decided to go to Stone Island and left about 11:30. Click here for more details.

We both had shrimp, one order of garlic and one diabla.

A very laid back vibe here compared to Mazatlan's resort beaches.

Back in Mazatlan we walked from the docks to Plaza Machado as traffic was busy.

These guys were playing, sorta...

 Another photoshoot.

ABC Wednesday Letter H

We, without guilt, spent the day watching shows on the Internet. We both are enjoying Jeopardy All Stars Team Challenge as we have our coffee.
Then I found the latest (as in 2019) Masterchef UK online and watched the first four episodes, saving the fifth for another day.
John, at least, did workout.

We decided we wanted Italian so we grabbed the bus at 6:15.
We decided to take a chance on getting into Angelo's early as we didn't have a reservation. No luck, but made one for Sunday.
So we walked to Villa Italia, about a fifteen minute walk. They are never full, WRONG, packed.
A pulmonia ride to Pancho's, yes, across from our first stop, and they are full too.
That will teach us to go out to dinner early when all the gringos are out! Should have gone with our more civilized dining hour of 8 PM!
So another pulmonia back "home" to eat in our own restaurant. It was pretty busy as we arrived at 7:30 but we got a table. It was fish night and I had the mahi-mahi but John opted for fajitas.

There is entertainment most nights, we've seen this girl perform around town.

Dessert  - Spanish coffee.

So in the end we had a good evening and now have reservations for Sunday.

Thursday Doors

I was up at 7:30 on my laptop and at 8 I heard and then saw this.

Downtown. I know, I've shown this wall numerous times.

Plaza Machado was supposed to have a food taste for Carnaval from 2-7. We got there after 3 but there was nothing going on. I noticed on Facebook that others were saying the same.

Carnaval monigote in daylight this time.

Dropped in on Noah at Tippy Toes and made an appointment for Monday.

I had realized we had missed one monigote that was put up later so we headed to the Malecon.

The entire Carnaval area is being fenced off to traffic for the duration.

Looking into the sun.

You won't run out of places to get a beer along the Malecon come the weekend.

So strange without vehicles.

Open for business, it was under construction until the other day.

Barricades at the other end with a lot of police, cadets and volunteers getting set up.

Set up at the Sisters' Park for the children's event.

The pelicans may end up with the best seats.

Then we hopped on the bus to do our last grocery order at Soriana's.

Finally a warm enough evening to sit out after sunset.

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Skywatch Friday Mazatlan

Got up to a lovely warm morning and I snagged a palapa at 9. Not windy. I didn't even mind JOhn taking my picture.


Then I noticed a dark edge along the horizon that got larger until we got up to see what was happening.




Back upstairs as the sun was gone, some raindrops were felt and it was breezy.

We headed out for a late lunch at the Shrimp Ladies. By now all the fog had dissipated and it was sunny and warm again.

Choosing whom to buy from.

Lucky lady! We got half a kilo, one pound for 80 pesos about $5 CDN. No wonder so many people buys pounds of frozen shrimp to take home!

This is where we had our shrimp prepared last time.

Dried shrimp.

But we went around the corner to Dunia, where we had first gone, back in 2013.

Now what does cabeza mean?? We work it out and ordered sin cabeza, without the heads. We also ordered al ajo, but our Spanish didn't manage to get ours with garlic.

Delicious and served with a red hot sauce and a lime garlic sauce.

 Bucket of beer.

Three of these wandered in from the back, in the middle of the city!

Plaza Machado vendors getting set up.

We don't usually walk down this street.
Look at this gorgeous private home!

Peeking into the courtyard.

Restaurant we've never seen or heard of but just looked up and it sounds like we should try it!

Sign states "cathedral of ceviche", that's my kind of church!

Preparations continue on the Malecon.

Sound check...

Back around Plaza Machado.

A band is performing and a very odd person drops by.

We had to have gelato at least once.

Then a stop at Panama's for some sweets. Cool uniforms.

And so ends our last Friday evening.


I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus' garden in the shade
He'd let us in, knows where we've been
In his octopus' garden in the shade

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  1. Your posts bring warmth and color to my Pacific Northwest gloom. I love the way you capture the sights, sounds, and tastes of Mazatlan. I want to be there!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  2. How can this be your last week?? I'm going to miss Mazatlan! I love the last set of murals -- very cool.

  3. The first time I saw buckets of beer was in Canada, but these in Mexico really are buckets. I don't know if you saw the Clive James Show many years ago when he visited Mexico and a running theme through the different shows was him being plagued by mariachi bands. He was just unable to avoid them wherever he turned. It seems like you would be quite happy to remain where you are and not go home.

  4. I knew when I saw that green house you would pick it for your own if you moved there. Favorite color!
    I like the sound of the mojitos for happy hour and we love jeopardy too, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen it.

    Great photo of you reading.

  5. I'm loving the topiaries, too!

  6. Think I need coffee after that lot! :) :) Safe journey home and sunny skies, Jackie!

  7. I wonder why it's called the bad pig/bad pork. :-) You had another fun week, Jackie. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice video from Spain, Jackie:) Would your hubby agree to a lime green house?
    That Spanish coffee looks good - was it?
    Wow, never seen such a big Mariachi band (the one's I've seen and heard in Los Angeles and San Diego were smallerabout 8-10 people). Love seeing all the pelicans! Your shrimp with garlic-lime sauce sounds good! How was the gelato? IN Italy it is actually lighter, and less sweet and ice cream. Many thanks for sharing a happy week with good food in Mexico with All Seasons! Have a good one! Oh, P.S. saw the table with all the wigs with long hair - were you thinking of buying one?


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