Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday Doors

Linking up at Norm's Thursday Doors.

March 2019 - Mazatlan Mexico

We went out to La Martina, a restaurant near the town of La Noria. It is fairly new so they are still making changes/additions.

A new garden, they grow their own produce.

Entrance to the chapel.

Saloon doors

Washroom doors.


  1. Wow! Eye-poppingly vibrant! That'll be great, having fresh fresh fresh produce and herbs in the food. I hope the dishes are as delicious as the decor!

  2. Gorgeous, all of it, but especially the colours of the restaurant. Ohh, and the rounded gate! <3

  3. A cheerful colour on that building.

  4. Bright, cheerful, and gorgeous. If the food matches, it should be a great place to eat.


  5. What a cheerful place to eat at! I love the flowers outside too, so colourful :)

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Have a great weekend. x


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