Friday, March 29, 2019

Warm and Toasty


Six Word Saturday Concordia Mexico

It's still not quite spring, so warm and toasty is good.

We went to a new (to us) bakery outlet, Dimpflmeier's, well-known for their German bread and pastries who now have gluten-free baked in their separate gluten-free premises.

It was packed! We'll go during the week in future. Their GF baguettes were the best we've had so far.

We had one of their baguettes for dinner with steak.

Inspired Sunday Toronto ON
One Word Sunday ROW

Our usual lazy day at home.

For dinner I tried a pork tenderloin slow cooker recipe that turned out well.

Foto Tunes Mazatlan Mexico
Monday Mural  Sharon's Souvenirs Okuda's new Toronto mural

I went shopping and got a pair of sandals.

Then I did some more organizing and decluttering. There are two garbage bags for charity that John took in on Tuesday.

I then attended a Residents' Meeting at the request of a friend. But I soon left as it erupted into a shouting match.

Fish tacos were on our menu.


Tuesday Treasures  Femmes Noires AGO
Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge ROCKS

Girls' day out shopping and we both got some good deals including a denim acket for me, after a two year hunt, and I had a $25 coupon to use against it.

For lunch we discovered a cozy corner within Pusateri's in The Bay.

I had a tuna poke with taro chips and seaweed salad, delicious.

ABC Wednesday Letter L

We went for lunch at the Museum Tavern a real favourite of ours.

As always, we sit in the bar and are entertained by the bartender. We always seem to be offered something to try, and today it was sorrel syrup, delicious and used to make cocktails with rum or gin. The recipe I linked is for a more wintery drink and I would add cloves to it as they did in the sample we tried.

I opted for the buttermilk fried chicken since I had tuna yesterday.

John, as usual, had mussels and fries.

From there we had tickets for an exhibit at the ROM, Royal Ontario Museum.

Click here for a full post of the exhibit, which was excellent.

This was a gorgeous exhibit.

Mongolian slow cooker beef with cauliflower rice.

Thursday Doors Churches of San Miguel de Allende Mexico
A Photo a Week Line Up in a Row

I headed out on a gloomy day to get some birthday gifts and got myself a purse/backpack which I thought would be good for travelling. After a day or so, I think I will return it, it isn't waterproof so it doesn't seem sensible.

I made a large shepherd's pie topped with mashed cabbage and potatoes. I've found a use for the leftover coleslaw packages that we never seem to use up once we've used it as taco toppings. The pie will also be Saturday's dinner.

Pull Up a Seat Toronto
Weekend Roundup Letter M
Weekend Reflections Durango Mexico
Wit's End Weekly Photo Challenge DECAY
Skywatch Friday Toronto ON
#SpikySquare only a few more days of March's challenge

The weather was sunny and warming up!

To kick off John's bday weekend we went out to breakfast at The Senator, the oldest restaurant in Toronto in continuous operation at the same location.

In 1929 Robert Angeloff, a Macedonian entrepreneur, converted the home to the BUSY BEE DINER. The “B”as it was known consisted of an open kitchen and dining counter and started a tradition for serving comfort food and coffee to go.

In 1938 – the year is still visible on the bottom of the large Coca-Cola sign hanging in the middle of the restaurant – brothers Luke and Vangel Eftimoff purchased the Busy Bee, which they later sold to George Nicolau; a cook with a vision.
I can see some writing on the bottom right hand corner but can't read it...

John went for the Senator breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, potatoes and gluten free toast. While I opted for the salmon Benedict on a homemade biscuit. Delicious.

From there we went shopping for John. HUGE billboard at Dundas Square.

He scored some deals too. In The Bay, the shoes were 25% off but 40% off if you used a Bay credit card (no, we don't have) but she took 40% off plus I had a $10 coupon that we used as well!

Not bad, we left at 9:30, went to Longo's and still made the 1 PM bus home and got plenty of steps in.

Slow cooker spare ribs for dinner and watched a really interesting movie called The Promise, a historical drama set in the final years (1914) of the Ottoman Empire.


I can't believe I didn't get any reading in again this week!

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  1. I finally *did* finish a couple of books ... it's been a slow reading spell for me too. Glad you found a good GF bakery, and your mention of Mongolian beef gave me a craving; I may have to add that to next week's menu plan. Happy birthday, John!!

    That Indian exhibit (which you teased on Wednesday), looks really good. I like life in a small town, but sometimes I'm made aware of all we miss.

    Good luck on the decluttering project.

  2. I really need to find time to enjoy a good book, it has been too long! Hope John had a good birthday.

    Have a great weekend. #MMBC

  3. So much beauty, in the buildings, the foods, and the exhibits. Thanks for sharing, and here are

  4. I read so many books on our recent ship cruise and really enjoyed reading, but I have touched my ereader since returning home. I need to set aside time. I need to set aside time for many things when I am not working.

    1. Isn't it funny how you think you will have so much time?

  5. I always enjoy your posts. You have an excellent photographic eye. Your GF bakery and the restaurants you included look terrific. Keep up the good work, and have a happy April Fool's Day.

  6. Uh-oh, it erupted into a shouting match? That doesn't sound good! What is a Residents meeting (is it the apartment complex where you live?) That must have been an interesting exhibit! Beautiful and educational! Ah, the Senator restaurant. In the Hague where my son lives he has been working at a restaurant which is frequented by government people - it seems they eat a lot, (or find a reason to eat, haha) - son told us that there are 7 bars in that restaurant - one time we'll have to go there, because I have a hard time visualizing it! Many thanks for your always interesting posts for All Seasons!!


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