Saturday, March 9, 2019

Menu del Dia


Six Word Saturday Mazatlan

We walked over to the Cerritos market now held at a new pub The Roadhouse.

This is mainly a gringo market with prepared food for sale. Handy if you're here for a week or so.

Nice jewelry at good prices.

We didn't buy anything.

After lunch, John made great ham and cheese quesadillas, delicious. Then we headed to the pool. first time not under a palapa.

With carnival there are a lot of Mexican families enjoying the resort.

Fun display at the Towels cabana.

Also our first time hitting happy hour for margaritas.

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I was down by 8 AM to grab the last palapa, I know, no class, but seriously it gets ridiculous.  It has been good until this week, seems the spring breakers are arriving and have someone assigned to be up early.

I came up and had our last breakfast of bacon and eggs, cooked by John.
And we were both out in the sun before 9. John went for a beach walk.

Riu resort, very popular for Canadian vacation packages.

Cerritos where we had lunch a few weeks ago.

John nade his amazing salsa for lunch and we dined under our palapa.

Once we cleaned up we headed out for our reservation at Angelo's in the Pueblo Bonito resort.
No photos, it's a little fancy for that.
I had the beef filet, with mashed (heaven) potatoes, and a mixture of spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. John had the spaghetti that he has been longing for.
It was really quiet in the restaurant, I guess everyone was still down at the carnival festivities.

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On the (crowded) bus at 9 AM for a 10 AM appointment at Tippy Toes, manicure for John and pedicure for me.

Photo ops on the way.

Lots of colour everywhere!

Pick a destination. Mazatlan recently received an order of 100 or so new buses and we finally caught one later in the afternoon.

John realizes he didn't bring his debit card so we go back on the bus to Torres. The city is busy cleaning up after the parade yesterday but there are plenty of tourists still in town. The hotels all along Sabalo have buses lined up to get them back home.

Bus again to Mary's, first to a banking machine, then for a burger for John and I opted for a hot dog and fries for a change.

Back on the bus this time to Gran Plaza for a haircut. $50 pesos or $4CDN.

We figured we'd walk up to the  Malecon to get the bus. John took a side door on a whim and VOILA! we are in the parking lot where to parade floats are being taken apart and packed up!

Click here for a detailed post.

Here's a YouTube video.

We then do our last laundry before heading home on Friday.


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Due to the road work outside the RV park we walked over to meet Bill and Carol for a late breakfast at La Martina outside of town on the way to La Noria.

Cockfighting is a tradition in Mexico and one that involves great sums of money. Cockfighting is illegal in Canada and is considered cruel by many, and definitely not something I would watch. But it is part of Mexican heritage and an important part of Mexican culture today. At this rooster farm, not the largest in the area, there were about 900 roosters, each kept in its own small shelter.

We're stopped across the highway as Bill is chatting with the man whose job is clearing the brush along the road with a machete, he puts out two orange pile-ons as a warning to drivers.

A stop is usually included on most tours.

This car drew up just as John was trying to get a photo of the roosters atop the gate.

We've been here several times this year, La Martina is a gorgeous restaurant that opened last year.

Sweet potato chips, salsa, cheese.

John's sirloin quesadillas, more this a taco. Pronounced delicious. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to try that white mushroomy thingy. Carol tried too, and guessed it was like gnocchi, Bill asked, as it is made out of the leftover tortilla dough.


Leaving the restaurant.

ABC Wednesday Letter I

We thought we would have lunch at that "new" restaurant we spotted last week, Mariscos Bahia. According to their FB page they would be open today. Nope...

So we went, again, to the Fish Market, which we always enjoy. Carnaval cleanup was continuing on this end of the Malecon.

Tuna sashimi.

This mahi-mahi was so much better than the dried out serving I had last week at Torres Mazatlan.

Candy stall.

Back "home" we started packing up and clearing out in preparation for Friday's homeward bound journey.

Watched a really interesting movie.

Thursday Doors Mazatlan

An easy lazy day getting ready to leave tomorrow.

I had an email request, which I granted, to use a photo of ours in an article.

A great afternoon for sailing!

After returning our towels, books and paying our bill we went to happy hour.

A different view of sunset.

Then we ordered two prime rib dinners to go and it was a delicious!!

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Salud, Mazatlan!!!

Our ride to the airport is 9:05 AM with King David. Then a flight to Mexico City to await our first class flight home at 5:30 PM, John's gift to me!

Had an obnoxious woman in van on way to airport, so loud and self-important.

Security is so easy in Mazatlan, one scanner and no crowds.
Full flight to Mexico City but we had two bulkhead seats with lots of room.

Flying over Mexico City. That is smog below the white clouds.

Spring has sprung, you can see the purple flowering trees.

Once in Mexico City we had three hours so we went to the American Express lounge although we could have used the Aeromexico lounge. But I had checked reviews and found that this writer didn't like the Aeromexico lounge as much as he liked the AMEX lounge. We had used the AMEX lounge on our trip down in December.

Pizza, beer, tequila, sangrita.

Upstairs lounge on one side.

Other side, tucked away is a salon offering free massages and (not free) manicure/pedicure and hair services.

Separate ZEN lounge.

Downstairs lounge.

Lots of legroom and footrests in first class. But the meal was awful, two little roulades of plastic chicken.

We were in the second row so off the plane really quickly and as usual we walked miles to customs. Unlike last November, all the machines were working so we were out in record time as was our luggage!


Every Last Lie was a good read, but the main characters and their relationship was a little hard to stomach. I know people lie to protect their partners but Nick was totally unlikeable. Clara wasn't much better, I wanted to give her a good kick up the backside!

Other by the same author, Pretty Baby had me pretty annoyed with the main female character, once again. Am I not supposed to like the couples in her books? But I do like how she weaves the suspense. I must mention, though (again), that the main character Heidi really, really annoyed me!!!

Asking For It should be required reading for young teenage girls!!! However, I would have liked an organization chart to keep all the characters straight!

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  1. Glad you made it safely home -- and in comfort, even if the food was bad. Oh I'm going to miss the pretty colors of Mexico! Your last meals sound awesome. And I'll have to check out ASKING FOR IT -- I haven't read it.

  2. Lots of wonderful memories of your travels.

  3. Beach weather here, already, Jackie! :) :) Thanks for the link up.

  4. So how is it to be back? Adjusting to the snow? Looking at your final scenes of Mazatlan, it must never be cold there, or? Love the drinking glass with the reflection of the both of you:) The floats of the parade are simpler than I thought they would be, although I like the one with the balloons! (am spoiled because we always saw the rose parade when living in Southern Calif.). Hopefully the weather will soon warm up where you live! Many thanks for sharing your last week in Mazatlan with All Seasons! Have a great week!

  5. I like the jewelry stand and I'll bet you could get some great deals. The only jewelry I wear are earrings and i like getting them from places we travel. Always reminds me of that particular trip.
    Yuck to the cockfighting but as you say, a different culture.

    Is it good to be home?

  6. The black ones look both expensive and classic.

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