Tuesday, March 5, 2019


BeckyB's March Spiky Squares Challenge

March 2019 - Mazatlan Mexico

John snapped this on Sunday as he walked the beach at Torres Mazatlan.

The porcupinefish (Diodon hystrix) is a large, white pufferfish covered with long spines. Divers needn't fear a porcupinefish's quills—porcupinefish are slow-moving, docile giants with huge, doll-like eyes and wide mouths. Like other pufferfish, the porcupinefish can puff up by filling with water when threatened. The quick change in size not only startles predators, but it also makes the porcupinefish a difficult size and shape to eat. As a further defense, inflation causes a porcupinefish's spines to protrude out perpendicular to its body.

March 1 - Stone Island Mazatlan Mexico
March 2 - Madrid Spain
March 3 - Toledo Spain

March 4 - Quito Spain
March 5 - Mazatlan Mexico


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