Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday Doors

Linking up at Norm's Thursday Doors.

September 2017 - Kamloops BC

Downtown Kamloops Alley Art Gallery

This public mural program was undertaken because we wanted to make our alleys part of the walkable, livable space downtown.

I captured some of the doors.


  1. Kamloops seemed weird to us. Where we stayed, also in Victoria Street, and where we rooftop dined, again in Victoria Street, were fine, we later went through the town in a coach and it seemed very industrial and nothing like the centre of town. I suppose we then on the Trans Canada Highway. For some odd reason we never understood, we could not take our suitcase with us, but had to pack an overnight bag. That was after we completed our train leg of the trip. It was all quite weird.

  2. Nice!I like the doors! Didn't guess where!

  3. Oh, I really like these. They're attractive and whimsical.


  4. I love the creativity and the initiative to want to spruce things up. The last one is my fave. Nice finds :-)


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