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Eating on a road trip

September 2017

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This trip we are using as many hotel/credit card points as possible. We are also attempting to find accommodations that have kitchens to reduce costs and to eat healthy. As well, John is gluten free so it can be a challenge.

If we are booked into a Hilton then typically we are upgraded to a hot breakfast always a nice bonus.

We use two coolers, one contains the cold stuff and the other dry stuff such as crackers and condiments. We try to take only one cooler into the room.

I baked healthy gluten free muffins and froze them. These will be packed frozen and should last us a week in the cooler.
We pack coffee and filters along with 2 coffee mugs as well as travel mugs.
Yogurt and bananas can be bought at the grocery store along the way.

We purchased 40 bottles of water, we froze about 8 of them to keep them cold initially and to act as ice packs for the coolers.

We also froze ice packs.

Gluten free soya sauce
Salt and pepper
Peanut butter doesn’t need refrigerated
Hot sauce

For lunch on the first day of driving I made a salad with egg. Other salad ingredients are washed and sliced ready for the next day's lunch or two along with hard boiled eggs.
We will shop as we go for other lunches, grocery stores have great options.
Stopping at parks, scenic outlooks, roadside rests, etc to eat offer great breaks. If we have to eat in the car due to weather or in the middle of nowhere, we have two small trays that are kept in the car. It makes it much easier to balance!
Cold cuts
Gluten free breads or crackers

Fast food gluten free?
In-N-Out does protein burgers i.e. wrapped in lettuce
P.F. Chang has a delicious gluten free menu
Lone Star great menu including burgers and sandwiches GF
Wendy's baked potatoes or chili
Old Spaghetti Factory uses corn penne
Uno Chicago Grill offers gluten free pizza
Olive Garden
California Pizza Kitchen

Dinner on the first day is cheeses and crackers with a nice bottle of wine in our room.
Sometimes we just want to veg and order a pizza or Chinese food and have learned that the delivery guys don't think to provide plates and cutlery so pack some.
Or grab a rotisserie chicken and salad from Wal-Mart.

Snacks - always advisable even if you plan on stopping for lunch, again, you just never know.
Protein drinks and bars
Potato chips
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Blueberries are not messy

We will leave a bag in the car with
Toilet paper - you never know when you will be in the middle of nowhere!
Paper towels
Hand wipes/sanitizer
Plastic cutlery and plates
Garbage bags
Can opener
Sharp knife 
Potato masher - yup I'm Irish, I need one.

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