Monday, September 11, 2017

The Curtis Denver CO

September 2017 - Denver CO

The Curtis Hotel, owned by Hilton.

On the elevator.

We were on the 9th floor.

Imagine a place where Marge Simpson and the Barbie crew all spend quality time together. That’s what you will find on the “Big Hair” floor, which celebrates the elevated culture of hair and its influences.

The 13th floor, appropriately named Dun Dun Dunnnnn, has a Freddy Krueger silhouette coming at you when you arrive. 

The quote on the mirrors in the hallway said “The call is coming from inside the hotel,” from the 1979 thriller When a Stranger Calls.

Posters of classic films along each theme line the hallways.

Vanilla Ice, The Sugarhill Gang, Men With Hats…our “One Hit Wonder” floor has them all.

Laugh floor

Each floor had a telephone with a card saying "wow, a phone with a cord".

The Do Not Disturb sign.

Restaurant restroom signs.

Washrooms in the lobby.

John checked out the garage.

The restaurant.

Another elevator.

We did not use the wake up call service – you can choose to be woken up by Elvis Presley or Austin Powers.


  1. That's amazing! I want to stay there (but not on the 13th).

  2. The place has a campy, retro kind of appeal to it!


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