Saturday, July 8, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

June 2017 - Stouffville ON

This was our first stop on Doors Open in June. Stouffville is located about 30 km from Toronto.

The town was named after George Lemon, who was granted land at this location in 1805. In 1877 the town reached a population of 100.

The first services were held within a frame schoolhouse in 1854 and were moved to the first church building in 1856. Newly designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, the current church was constructed in 1869 and is situated adjacent to the cemetery, where grave inscriptions date from 1857.

There was so much history available in paper form in the basement, but I couldn't find any online.


  1. An interesting place. Thanks for sharing

  2. And were you amazed at the spectacle??
    The addition blends well with the original building (always good to see, but not always successful)

  3. Nice, simple church. I do wonder what the spectacle was!!

  4. ...Lemonville, what an interesting name, I often go through Honeyville in my travels.

  5. What a very pleasant church to visit, like the churchyard as well


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