Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Finds

Starts with B
2. Unbalanced
3. Door
The first will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second and third will be different each time.
Hosted by Friday Finds and this is V4 or round 4!!!

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Eh to Zed

For this round of the alphabet I am going to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday by showcasing towns across the county.
I'm starting the Maritimes since there seems to be a multitude of small picturesque towns.

This week's letter is

Baddeck Nova Scotia

Baddeck is situated in the heart of Cape Breton Island, considered to be the beginning and end of the world famous Cabot Trail.

Alexander Graham Bell, compelled by the beauty of Baddeck, chose this area as his summer home.

Bonus Bay!

And a boat!


2014 Myrtle Beach SC
This is called Wonderworks A Great Upside-Down Adventure at Broadway at the Beach.


July 2017 - Toronto ON

Door in the Dog's Bollocks Pub on Queen St. W Beware


  1. I have been in Baddeck once!Lovely place.

  2. the light house, now that's really unbalanced, what a door!

  3. Oh sooo pretty it your Baddeck. If we get up that way again we must run over there and visit for a bit. So far you are winning for the "Unbalanced" category (did you note that mine was "unbalanced NOT"? I love your door find !!
    Update on the old house where I was born and lived until I left home. The new owners bulldozed down the house and then burned the rubble. Corn is now growing over the farmstead except for some trees saved and around where four buildings remain.

  4. My favorite shop is that of the vote on its reflection and I don't think I'd be entering that pump with a dog that looks like that. I don't know what that building is but it certainly is on balanced… If it's about to fall into the sea

    1. It is called Waterworks a great Upside-Down Adventure at Broadway at the Beach. We haven't gone into it. There are a few in various amusement parks around the States/

  5. What a great Myrtle Beach photo!

    I love that lighthouse. It is beautiful. Such a peaceful looking area, too.

    Have a blessed weekend. :)

  6. Lovely to see the shots from Baddeck. I haven't been out that way in many years. I think that pub door is very clever - that would keep people out of the private areas! The Wonderworks building made me smile - I have never been to one of those places but it's a clever design.

  7. What a beautiful city! I can see why someone would want to make their summer home there. Nice door! That building is about as unbalanced as you can get. Amazing! Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  8. Lots of Bs to be found around water. The upside-down house is so unique, I recognized it right away. Nice mural on the door.

  9. I should go to "New Scotland" - it's not THAT far away from upstate New York.


  10. Lovely collection of B's... most of them I've never heard or read before ;-)
    thank you fort the introduction to a peace of our continent that is unfamiliar to me

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / -week
    Melody (team ABC-W)


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