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This week's captured food truck.

July 2017 - Toronto ON

inSPIREd Sunday
One Word Sunday
Six Word Photo

The weekend passed in a flurry of cleaning activity. I also decided to switch out the pictures in the kitchen.
There are five 8X10 framed, here is a collage of the photos used. These were taken by us on our travels.

Saturday's dinner was Asian chicken wraps.

Sunday I did a roast lamb with roasted potatoes and maple syrup and orange carrots.

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Good Random Fun
Monday Mural

John and a friend went to play Wooden Sticks.
I started out to the Bata Shoe Museum, but it was overcast and cool so I changed my mind and just had lunch out and shopped around until the next shuttle bus.
I did run into some old friends (D and M and B) in Union Station and had a chat.

When I got home I read that there was a new Toronto sign right nearby. I showed you the Canada Day 150 sign that we found on July 1.

Well, I headed over and the Toronto sign at City Hall has a rival.

Tuesday Treasures

John and I went to the ROM to see a few exhibits. Oh, the ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum and I have written about it many times, just search on ROM for those posts.
Out of the Depths, The Story of the Blue Whale was amazing. Click on the link for our photos.

We then went to see The Evidence Room, a sobering display about Auschwitz.

We then amused ourselves taking selfies at the Family Camera exhibit.

The entrance was lined with mirrors with photos of people taking photos!

We then walked back to Union with some photos on the way.
She could do with a facelift.

Pet costume accessory store...

Art store.


John had his weekly golf game and shot his best game 80!!!

I walked to City Hall to get some more brain shots. Click here and here.

Then I found a mural that was on my list at the no longer the Trump Hotel. As of last week the name has been removed and it will renamed to the St. Regis Toronto.

A Small Part of Something Larger by Canadian artist Stephen Andrews

The theme behind the mural is “immigration” – 50 photographs of the crowd at Roy Thomson Hall and Air Canada Centre were combined to bring the artists’ vision to life, demonstrating Toronto’s multiculturalism, welcoming attitude and togetherness.

I stopped into a couple of landmarks click on the links for more photos.

Concourse Building  which has an interesting history.

Canada Permanent Trust

It looks like some more players are being added to the lineup.

While I waited at Union Station the alarms were going off and I finally could get a good photo of this fire truck.

Dinner was pizza, I made the crust myself from this recipe and it has been the best gluten-free crust so far.

Check out this great coffee shop with murals we went to last week.

It was a gloomy wet morning but had cleared after lunch so we decided to go to the market.

Pork belly roast potatoes and broccolini were on the dinner menu.


I managed a quick shot from the bus of the overpass that is getting a mural on Lake Shore. Of course the traffic light wouldn't change to red and I happened to pick the seat with the emergency sticker on the window!

Here's a video!

I met my BFF and she decided to see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit before it finishes this weekend. It was crowded and I enjoyed seeing it for the second time although I had also seen it before opening hours when I took a couple of classes in June.

Then lunch in the Members' Gallery where I had the cheese plate.

The newly renovated Grange Park behind the museum was next on the agenda.

William Pye's gleaming fountain, Acquaverde (2017) in the north-west corner.

Henry Moore's Two Forms has been moved into the park from the front of the AGO.

Back of the AGO, one of my favourite views.

A back view of the OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) from the park.

We then strolled back to Union and headed home.

We did stop into this new building which turns out to be the Federal Courts of Canada and other government agencies.

I finished The O'Briens and it was a satisfying read that kind of fell flat towards the end. The cover is spelled O'Briens but somehow on Goodreads it is O'Brians.

I finished Colum Mc Cann's Thirteen Ways of Looking and it was a great short read!
I then started The Good Sister set in contemporary Mexico.


Friday Photo Journal

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  1. A whole gallery of sights! I like the idea of switching out the pictures in a room. I haven't done that in a while! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  2. Love your arrow sign photos! That mural of the woman in the red-striped dress is so fun. I like that outdoor stairway. As always, I'm so impressed with how beautiful Tornoto is. The sculptures in the Federal Courts of Canada building are very cool.

  3. GREAT photos. I'm falling in love with Toronto! The Family Photos exhibit looks like it was lots of fun.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, USA.

  4. That art school mural is something else!

  5. Great photos and interesting adventures. The blue whale and Holocaust exhibits sound like something I would like to do. Thanks for sharing all of this

  6. I have to say that the entrance to the ROM is pretty darn clever!

  7. The Toronto sign is rather endearing, Jackie, but my favourite is the crazy red-striped grafitti lady. :) :)

  8. Love how unlike most blogs this reads like a real diary

  9. More great stuff from Toronto! Great shots! Loved the stick signs!

  10. How did you te to see not only one, but two of my favorite artists (O'Keefe and Henri Moore) in the same week? Feel a little envious! Had to smile at the bride dog costume:)Love the Toronto sign they made from sticks! Many thanks for all these fun details for All Seasons, Jackie! Have a great rest of the week!

  11. That feature sticking out of the AGO building is pretty interesting. Is it stairs or an observation deck?

  12. Super cool photos. Love them.

    Since you are a hockey fan, I posted a couple of photos of outside the Staples Center in LA-

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

  13. Wow, you had a very busy week! Looks like you crammed a bunch of cool things in :) #wanderfulwednesday

  14. You are absolutely amazing...with your enormous energy, enthusiasm, and talent. Now that I'm at the comment end, I've forgotten what I liked best, because you had so many photos. I know I'm ambivalent about anything involving Lord Thomson of Fleet, because I spent my life in the newspaper and printing world wherein he wasn't always admired. I love the hockey player statue. And the train featured in your header is gorgeous. Now, it's lunchtime here in southeastern Alberta. I can't stop thinking about your cheese plate photo, and I know the only cheese in the house is a hardened chunk of cheddar.
    Meanwhile, I will definitely seek out your post after this. You have a new fan.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. I always enjoy popping over to your blog Jackie. What fab captures! I've just had a look at your previous post with the brain sculptures, quirky, yet so interesting. I loved the Forget-Me-Not one, such a special meaning behind it too.
    That staircase at the back of the AGO is awesome, I can see why it's one of your favourites.

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


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