Monday, March 6, 2017

Tuesday Treasues

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

March 2013 - Cottonwood AZ

I've combined several older posts to create this one.

Bing's Burger is on 89A through the middle of town. We have stayed in this area at least four or five times and love it.
There is a link to Route 66 as I-40 is the old Route 66.

State Route 89A (SR 89A) is a 83.85-mile (134.94 km) state highway that runs from Prescott north to Flagstaff in Arizona. The highway begins at SR 89 and heads northward from Prescott, entering Jerome. From Jerome, the route then heads to Cottonwood and Sedona. The highway is notable for its scenic value as it passes through Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon. The route then enters Flagstaff, where it crosses Interstate 17 (I-17) and I-40. The highway ends at I-40 Business in Flagstaff.

You place your order at the corner using a menu pad to select your options.

Next door was the craziest antique shop, it was more like a museum. There were over two acres of collectibles. I had a great time taking photos and am only displaying a few of them.

This was a gold mine of "old" things!! I must have taken over a hundred photos. It was an absolute mish mash of old rusted items.

Here are some photos of signs.


  1. I love those tubs! I could easily lose track of time and spend all day looking in that place! :)


  2. Fun photos ~ Lots of goodies!

    I used to love those places ~ now trying to clean out ~ want a 'Zen' like house ~

  3. Lots of somebody♫ My Rurality:

  4. What a fun place! Visiting from Rurality Blog Hop.

  5. Oh my, what a treasure trove of goodies!

  6. what a fascinating place to look through ... I've always wanted an old bathtub to plant in

  7. It's that collection of license plates that catches my eye. You must have edited this old post- I wondered when I saw her name there, paused to see EG Camera Girl, and then saw the date on it.

  8. What an amazing place - would love to visit there!

  9. we're talking, this is my kind of stuff. It's just like watching American Pickers! Thanks Jackie, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  10. i could spend forever in larry's!


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