Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Being a Tourist

March 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico
On Monday Bill and Carol picked us up and we headed to Gaviotas for breakfast. We both grabbed our cameras and planned on being "touristy".

Playa Las Gaviotas, which means "Seagull Beach" in English, is a popular beach located in Mazatlan's Zona Dorada. Playa Las Gaviotas is a crowded beach known for its party atmosphere, so this may not be your best choice if you're looking for a tranquil beach day.

Along the street parallel to the beach as well as the many small streets leading down to the beach are many shops, bars and restaurants catering to the tourists. 
This map shows the various stops we made.

Our first stop was Lucky B's for breakfast, next door to Pancho's.

Parked outside was one of Lucky B's owner's many cars.

The owner came out to say hi to Bill which lead to a discussion on the car's paint job which happened to be done by the same artist that did Bill and Carol's car, Willie this year.
Click here to read Carol's account of Willie's transformation. Day 2.

Lucky B's has some great art work done by the same artist that does the cars.

And joining us for breakfast is the artist himself, Gilberto. Here is a link to his facebook page.

He kindly allowed me to take some photos from his tablet of his amazing work.

Body painting.

Shopping and strolling.

Decorations inside the Shrimp Factory, we've never been in.

Bathroom signs.

Into Michael's, no relation to the craft stores!! I know of two other Michael's in town, and always love this handicrafts. Tempting to buy too much, but since we are flying back to the US before we pick up our car, I  we have to be careful.

Teresa served us and was a delight.

 We wandered into a hotel.Well, really, we were looking for a bathroom.

Bathroom signs.

In the hotel gardens.

View from the beach.

Then a stop in Gringo Lingo's for a refreshing margarita.

 A stroll into Pancho's market, red and white picture above.

Another beach view.

Walking back through Pancho's and I exclaim "LOOK"!! I know, shadow, blurry.

At breakfast mere hours before, Carol and I were bemoaning he fact that we had never seen the puppet man. He was featured in last week's Pacific Pearl magazine and on Friday we had been in the home of the artist who had done a painting of him which was featured on the cover.

And here he was!!!

John is shouting, "Senor, Senor" but I can see he has two large hearing aids as doesn't hear him. Finally he stops and John asks for a photo, for a gratuity, of course.

We walk a little further and stop into the Las Flores Hotel.

We take a quick look into the sea shell museum.

And with that we head back to the resort.

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  1. ...yet another color explosion.

  2. Loved walking along with you! Almost exactly the same route I walked when I was there a month ago, including the bathroom break at the Playa Mazatlan. Strolled through Pancho's market. No Marqarita at Gringo Lingo's though. Bought two wine glasses at Michael's. Didn't stop at Las Flores but did cut through the Costo de Oro to walk the beach back to the El Cid where I was staying. Beautiful pictures, thanks so much! Love Mazatlan!

  3. great post - wish we'd been there!

  4. Ooo la la on some of the décor around Lucky B!


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