Friday, February 26, 2016

Semana de Diez - Puerto Vallarta

February 2016 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

I can't believe we are into week ten of our travels. The time has flown.

This was not a terribly exciting week as we settled in for our longest stay. There is some talk of taking a couple of days and going somewhere but don't think we'll bother.


Not one photo taken today. I left the condo to get the ingredients for chili but other than that...reading, blogging, napping, playing scrabble. There was an idea to go to the pool but we didn't make it.
After our trek downtown yesterday we are quite content to relax where we are and avoid the touristy crowd.


The cleaning couple were coming today, $300 pesos. So we spent the morning at the pool on our own.

We headed over to the marina for tacos at Taco Tango.

We wandered along the back streets thinking we would stumble on to the beach. This is a nice residential area with lovely homes, not sure what this is though.

A very long mosaic wall.


Not sure what we did do other than groceries and there was golf on TV.

I made one of my favourite recipes Spanish stew chicken thighs and I included potatoes. This is a no brainer kind of one pot dish, you can put whatever you want in it. I do love the tomato pure that they sell in Mexico.


John fixed us bacon and French toast for breakfast and then we walked looking for Vallarta Torre.
It was a thirty minute walk until we turned by Soriana's (yikes we never had a grocery store that close when we stayed here in the 90s).

All squished in now. Click here to see Torre when we bought in 1982.

Some things never change.

Click here to fast forward to 1987 when we took my parents with us.

Shopping on the beach.

Lots of highrise hotels.

We made it back in time for John to watch the rest of the golf tournament.


We set out to find the beach so we headed towards the Marriott and from their lobby we found it.

Massage? Listening to the ocean.


I picked us up Egg McMuffins from downstairs. Yes, there is a McDonald's in the plaza where our condo is, along with pretty much anything else you might need. Then we did some chores and reading before heading to the pool for the afternoon.

We headed to the marina and had dinner at Bacha's.

They provide complimentary guacamole made to your specifications at your table. It is delicious.

They serve a broad selection of food. Most come in a regular or large size. I am not a big eater so ordered regular - shrimps and received 3 shrimps. $230 pesos. Not cheap.

John's fajitas aflame, also ordered regular fajitas and did say it was too small.


We headed to the marina for lunch. We went back to what has become our favourite, Taco Tango.

The view.

John really wanted the Argentine sausage and was disappointed as they didn't have any. The server explained the order hadn't come in yet and the owner only had leftover cooked sausage from the night before and didn't want to serve that.No worries ordered something else.
John's sirloin tacos.

My shrimp tacos which John tried and declared delicious.


At the end of our meal the owner surprised us by a small plate of sausage (had just been delivered) with fresh bread.

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  1. Your trip sounds very enjoyable and not too strenuous. A day where going to the pool is too much trouble is really welcome sometimes! The restaurants sound totally appealing!

    best... mae at

  2. So beautiful. And Now I have a craving for tacos or beans and rice or good beer -- or all of it and some sunny warm weather.

  3. Good post and pics as always, Jackie. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  4. I love that mosaic wall and all the great architecture! And of course the ocean. And I love Mexican food!


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